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3 Reasons to Love Silk Scarf

Hey curlies!

You can never go wrong with a silk scarf. Not only is it a fashion staple and a classic piece. It has a lot of benefits that would make you totally want to not live without it (okay we may exaggerating but you get it!).

Here are some of the few reasons why we love it, and hopefully you will too!

  • Curl-friendly

    Silk is the best material for curls!

    Why? It helps keep your hair keep healthy, moisturized, and protected day or night. It allows your curls to look fresh and give more life to your beautiful locks. Since it prevents frizz, you can maintain your natural curls to hold their shape and make your hairstyle last longer.

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    With its soft and breathable material, it doesn’t cause friction or snags your hair that results in breakage. Another thing is that it doesn’t absorb much unlike cotton or synthetic materials that strip away moisture and natural oils from your hair.

    Need more convincing? Check here why silk is your curl's BFF

  • Multipurpose
  • The silk scarf can be styled in different ways!

    You can wear it as a bandana, a head wrap, or even as an accessory. There are multiple options that you can choose from, the sky is the limit!

    Another useful tip in case you don’t have any silk pillowcases, is that you can wrap your silk scarf around your pillow. It will have the same effect to help maintain healthy hair. 

    Silk scarves surely prove to be one of your closet’s most versatile pieces. Go check out our Lookbook to see how we put our own spin on styling a silk scarf! 

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  • Aesthetic
  • Not only are the designs cute and Instagrammable, the artwork is also inspired by the local curl community! So they are literally one of a kind!

    Each of the illustrations are uniquely crafted to empower all you curly girls and guys to show your natural hair and beauty out to the world.

    Did you know that Chi Gibbs from Neon Island herself illustrated the designs? Check out our interview with her to know how their team came up with these artworks! 

    So what are you waiting for? Check out our limited edition silk scarves in collaboration with Neon Island. Hurry and get yours now until stocks last!

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