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6 Ways to Style A Silk Scarf

Hey, curlies!

If you didn’t know yet, there is a reason why silk is a favorite among curlies. Silk isn’t only a comfortable material, it also has a lot of benefits! Silk helps keep moisture in the hair and avoids harsh friction that could cause frizz.  

Aside from these benefits, silk scarves are also pretty, aesthetic, and instagrammable! 

Silk scarves are especially versatile when it comes to styling and there is more than one way to wear them. 


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Read along because we’ll show you 6 different types of scarf styling!

1. Bandana


Wanting a Dalagang Pilipina look? Keep your hair cool while looking chic and dainty with a bandana-style scarf! 

To do this, just fold the scarf into a triangle and wrap it over your hair with the longest side starting from your forehead (or above it!)

Then, you can tie the two ends into a knot on the back of your head. 

2. Tied Around

 Keep your curls managed, especially on busy days!

It’s the easiest style you can do because all you have to do is fold the scarf into a triangle and fold it more horizontally so it forms like a band. Then, you can tie it around your hair; either a portion of it or like a ponytail! 

3. Retro

Remember Beth Harmon from the Queen’s Gambit? Bring back the 60s glam with this retro style of wearing a headscarf. 

This style is also very easy. You just wear it like a reverse bandana; you tie the ends into a knot below your chin instead of the back of your head. 


4. Full Wrap


This style would provide full protection to your curls especially if you have days where you just need them to be kept in one place and free from dirt and pollution. 

Before you wear this style, you can tie your hair first into a bun so it’s easier to hold them. 

Remember what you did with the bandana? 

Fold the scarf into a triangle, and instead of wrapping it starting from the top of your head, start it at the back. So, this meant you would also tie the knot at the top part.

After you do this, take the “tail” (the loose part of the scarf on the back) and lift it until you could tie it into the knot you made at the top of your head.

5. Semi-Full Wrap


Semi-Full Wrap provides protection especially at the top of your head but it still makes your curls visible in case you want to flaunt them! 


For this one, you can also tie your hair first into a bun. This is like a full wrap, but it has smaller coverage so your curls are still visible. Fold the scarf into a triangle and fold it more horizontally so it forms like a band. Tie the ends at the top of your head so it forms a tight knot.

6. Bonus: Triangle Top


As we said, the silk scarf is very versatile. You can even use it as a fashion accessory or even a top!


One style we could do is a triangle top. To do this, fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the ends on your back. You can also use a chain to tie the “tail” of the triangle so it supports your top.  

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