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Behind the Scenes: Meet our Artist!

In imagining Ligaya, the first thing that we had in mind was you.

We wanted to know, how much of yourself do you see in us? Or rather, who do you think Curls was if she was a person like you?

So, we asked around, from our ambassadors to our followers, to get an image of who this person was. 

What did we find out?


Confident. Empowered. Caring. 

That’s how Ligaya’s character came to be written. But she’s far from perfect! And that’s what makes her all the more charming. 

Why Ligaya?

We chose the name Ligaya as it precisely paints the joy we get in seeing everyone express themselves so fearlessly. Not only is Ligaya a brand icon, she also embodies the community’s values.

The Artist


What happens after conceptualizing the character is where an artist comes in.

Her name is Patricia Ramos, also known as Patti. Patti (@artofpattiramos) is a young Filipina artist who specializes in comics. And she’s also a fellow wavy girl!

How did you design Ligaya?

“When I was designing Ligaya, I took a lot of inspiration from the ‘girly’ cartoons of our youth (like Barbie, Winx Club characters, etc.) and 90s/early 2000s which are getting their own comebacks with the new generation. I used to have a ‘not like other girls' mentality that I've since unlearned (thankfully!) so it felt really good to go all-out and just have fun with her design.”

What do you feel towards Ligaya?

I love that she's confidently feminine and is really relatable to a lot of girls of our time. Her character really shows that being girly, taking care of your hair, and showing love to your friends are the traits of a role model, whether you're a curlie or not.”

Follow Ligaya’s journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages @curlnationbyzen. Ligaya’s also in the Twitter world @Curls_Ligaya! See you there!

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