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Build your Online Christmas Party: Things You Need

Hey, curlies! The Christmas season is a season of love, and we know that it’s the time when we just want to spend it with the people we care about. 

Because the pandemic is still here, we know how tough it is to organize a gathering. 

If you want to be extra safer this Christmas, then an online Christmas party is what you need!

And just because it’s online doesn’t mean we can’t get the most out of it. If you’re the planner friend in your group, you’ve come to the right article because here’s a checklist we prepared for you:



Getting everyone on board is the first step. And being makulit is the key! 😂 To make things easier, you can get everyone’s schedule by using the poll feature in your group chats on messenger!


Since the pandemic began, people have mostly resorted to online meeting platforms for work, school, and even parties. There are a ton of choices out there!


  • Pros: easy to use, can support large members
  • Cons: need an app, only free for 40 mins max

Google Meet

  • Pros: good audio and video quality
  • Cons: need a google account, only free for 1 hr max


  • Pros: a variety of fun and cute filters, convenient
  • Cons: may have poorer audio and video quality


  • Pros: fun and interactive backgrounds
  • Cons: limited space


What’s a party without games? With online parties, it’s even more fun because you can have a mix of virtual gaming and offline ones!

Our suggestions:

Bring Me

this classic can be brought online too! The game is simple, just say any item and whoever finds it first gets to win.

Guess the Song/Movie

For this, you can use many Youtube guess the movie videos and test which among you are movie junkies!

Online Games


Another fun thing with online parties is you can play with different backgrounds that show your personality! Many meeting platforms like Zoom allow virtual backgrounds so it won’t be too much of a hassle.

You can make sure it shows even better quality by having a plain wall behind you!

We already made virtual backgrounds for you! Download for free here.

5. FOOD 

Pizza: Pizza is life 😂 Even if you’re not actually sharing the whole box, it still gives a sense of being together when you eat the same food. You can even go healthier for this one—spinach pizza, anyone?

Finger food like chips, nachos, and cookies are convenient and cheap snacks. We suggest less powdery chips so it won’t be hard since you might touch your gadgets every now and then.


  • Milktea or smoothies for our curly bbs who aren’t 18 yet. You can even make homemade smoothies! Grab some fruit in your kitchen, chop it up and toss it into your blender with milk, water, and some ice cubes.
  • Alcohol mix for adults: One of the most popular ones is Soju + Yakult + Sprite! Easy peasy. Just don’t overdo it and drink responsibly!


Now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite! Just the fact that you remember what someone likes is already a gift on its own. And you can make them even happier by sending presents. 

The gifts could be anything, as long as it means something. 

We do recommend giving them something a little practical too 😉 Something they can use to take care of themselves and at the same time, helps them achieve what they want!

If your friend is curly, you can give them the gift of hair care! Help them start the new year with good hair days 🎁

Because we wanted this to be more special for you and your friend, we also made each gift sets customized for each kind of friend, from the adventurous ones to the diva ones!


You can also check out our gift guide for more details. 

Oh, and you might be wondering how you could easily send your friends the gifts? Fret not because we have the ship to many option!

Have fun, curlies! 🥳






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