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Colored Curls: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted colored curls or have you had them for a while?

We know why you might be hesitant because colored curls seem like a bad idea. Curly hair is already prone to dryness, so adding drying bleach and chemically processed colors to the mix sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Worry not because it doesn’t mean you should never play some colors to your hair! Here, we’ve provided a guide so you could get that dream pastel pink you’ve always wanted (without sacrificing good curls). 

Pre-color care: Deina’s Tips

If you’re someone with virgin hair, or you’ve never tried going all out with colors before, here are some tips shared by our curly sisiw, Deina,to prepare your curls for bleaching and dyeing:

Research: Don’t worry, this isn’t your term paper at school. Simply googling terms like oxidization level would be extremely useful especially if you’ve decided to go on a DIY path. You need to at least know the do’s and don’ts of dyeing hair. Aside from google and vlogs, there are also local communities you can join! 

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Assess your hair health: If you’ve been having scalp issues and hair fall and other damage, you may want to reschedule that salon appointment. Avoid bleaching too if you’ve had chemical treatments or used heat tools for the past few days.

 But if you’ve been practicing CGM or proper curl care for a long time already, your curls are likely to be ready for bleach or dyes.

  1. Don’t wash curls before bleaching:

 The day before you bleach, make sure that you haven’t washed your curls. Why? Because you’ll need your scalp’s natural oil as protection against the chemicals that your curls will meet.

You can also apply Virgin Coconut Oil the night before bleaching for extra layer of protection! 

After-color care:

Surviving a hair color is one thing, maintaining it is another. For this part, make sure you give your curls extra loving care!

Make sure to use the right products: 

 For starters, use shampoos with no sulfates and drying alcohol. You wouldn’t want to dry your hair even more! CGM-approved products are generally gentle so you should be fine maintaining your curl routine. 

- Be gentle: your curls are at their fragile stage! 

  1. Make sure you are gentle when combing or detangling. 
  2. Let your hair rest, if you want to achieve really light color, you may need to apply bleach several times but make sure to wait weeks before bleaching again. 
  3. When styling, handle your curls carefully especially if you scrunch or do finger-coiling. 
- Deep Condition, Deep Conditioner, Deep Condition: 

Yes we said it thrice because this is a very important step. Deep Conditioner is meant to treat damage and provide extra moisture–which your curls at this stage would appreciate very much. 


And that's all you need to know about colored curls! We hope you enjoyed this week's blog!

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