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Common Curls Misconceptions Part 2

A few months ago, we made an article on misconceptions about curly hair, especially here in the Philippines.

The list goes on and on, and that’s why we made a part 2. Because we like you, there are things we need to clear out there 😉



Just because we don’t wash our hair every day doesn’t mean we don’t shower at all! 

Many people find it intriguing that we don’t use shampoo every day. After all, the norm in the country is that someone takes a bath every day since there’s so much heat and pollution here. But of course, just because we don’t wash hair every day doesn’t mean we’re unhygienic. 

That is why curl care routines like Curly Girl Method recommend a specialized regimen to make sure that our curls are not missing out. One particular tip is to make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo that’s cleansing enough but isn’t drying. 



Many people think that curls are just frizz or “patay na buhok.” That’s why it’s common in the country for anyone to have frizzy hair to think of rebond as a solution and they may not be aware that their hair isn’t actually just frizzy–it may be curls waiting to bloom. 

Note: Don’t feel too bad about yourself if you cannot be 100% frizz-free. The truth is, frizz is normal and it doesn’t make you any less beautiful! 

If you do want to minimize the frizz in your hair, we recommend adding conditioner and deep conditioner to your routine!



Curls are NOT some sort of disease that needs a fix. Just because curls tend to be drier or frizzy doesn’t mean it’s something to get rid of by straightening one’s hair.

We’re not saying straightening is bad, of course. People should still have the choice to wear what makes them confident. But we shouldn’t automatically assume that the end goal of hair is always being straight. 



We honestly don’t know where this phrase started, although we’re familiar with the song we used to hear on the radio every day. For years, the beauty norm has always been straight hair and people with curly hair were always either represented as “bruha” or a kontrabida. 

Curly-haired people are just anyone–your friends, next-door neighbor, or classmate. 

We hope this article sheds light on the misconceptions on curls. Any misconceptions you also know of? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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