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Curl Care and Hair Fall: What's the Deal?

Curl care is a wonderful journey, but like any other adventure, it has its bumps on the road. 

Buildup, dandruff, products not being “hiyang” to your hair, and THAT stubborn frizz that just won’t give up even if you have ~religiously~ followed all the steps of Curly Girl Method— these are things that you might encounter. 

One of our biggest fears when it comes to our hair is hair fall.

Seeing a ball of hair strands accumulate in your shower drain is a nightmare. We’ve been there too. 

Hair fall is actually common. We normally lose up to 100 strands of hair per day. If your hair fall goes way beyond that, it might be a sign of something else–like stress, health issues, pregnancy, or aging.  

Most of the time, it’s not that permanent. 

And there is one reason that might answer your question on why hair fall tends to be associated with curl care.

Two words: Product Buildup

The buildup from your product can cause hair loss especially if left untreated. The dead skin, oil, and sweat that accumulate can clog your hair follicles.

If you practice the Curly Girl Method, you know that shampooing isn’t recommended every day.

You also know you would use more products than usual. You have your pre-poo oils, your stylers, and your treatments.

These products can collect in your hair and scalp especially if not properly cleansed. When it causes build up, it becomes more prone to hair fall. In our tropical country where it’s humid, the sweat mixed with products isn’t exactly a good combination.


If product build up in your scalp is what causes your hair fall, the best thing you could do is make sure you properly cleanse your hair.

  • Cleanse often
  • We recommend using shampoo as often as you need. If you go out often (and in a polluted area), you could use shampoo every other day instead of just once or twice a week. 

    It really depends on what works for you.

  • Use a Scalp Brush
  • You could also use a scalp brush. We highly recommend this one especially that sulfate-free products (which are CGM-friendly) may not lather so much.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, the scalp brush will be your next BFF.  

    Plus, it would literally feel like you’re massaging your scalp so that’s a perk too! 

  • Use anti-hair fall products
  • You can also less hair fall by adding products that can strengthen your hair. We recommend this Gugo Serum – it’s a light product which won’t be heavy for the scalp. It is made with Gugo, a natural ingredient that helps fight hair fall

    How to use this serum?

    Apply onto scalp and massage it every evening. Wash off in the morning. The serum may also be applied to hair ends to tame frizz, prevent split ends, and breakage.

    We hope this article was able to help you! For more information about proper curl care, you may browse through our blogs here.

    Have any tips for hair fall too? Let us know in the comments below!


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