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Curl Care for Summer

Summer isn't over yet, curlies! 

Because the heat is still here, you have to make sure that your beautiful curls are well protected. Often, hair gets damaged because of sun exposure, daily styling, heat on hair, chemicals, and many more. It can be stressful at times, but there are ways to prevent it!

Here are some time tips to keep your curls staying healthy and protected.

Use a deep conditioner for an extra boost of moisture. 

Deep conditioning your hair can hydrate, soften and improve hair elasticity. It can restore moisture that prevents breakage and makes it more nourished.

Even if your hair might not be damaged as you think, it is still essential to deep condition your hair because it serves as a preventive tool to maintain healthy hair and achieve shinier, silkier, and more manageable curls.

Try out our Curls Deep Conditioner and be amazed by the results!

Use silk scrunchies 

This accessory may be a sleek and stylish way to tie your hair. But did you know that it has a lot of multiple benefits to keep your hair healthy?

Silk scrunchies are the least damaging hair ties because of its soft material that does not generate traction that creates tangles and unruly hair. Another fact is that it is 100% natural material, containing protein fibers with essential amino acids that help hair keep moisturized, grow and be more elastic.

Eager to get one yourself? You can buy our limited edition silk scrunchies in collaboration with Neon Island!

Beat the heat with stylish silk 

It’s common for people to sweat, especially on hot and warm days. One thing to keep you cool is using silk scarves. It is an absorbent fabric that prevents you from sweating and feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Its breathable fabric can facilitate air circulation to maintain the right temperature and help perspiration evaporate. Plus, it’s fashionable, helping you achieve a breezy and airy look!

We also have limited edition scarves inspired by the local curl community, you can check it here!

Not convinced enough? Check out our other blogs on the benefits of deep conditioning, the benefits of silk, and some reasons why we love silk so much!

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