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7 Days of Curl Love: Curl Diary by Miel

Hello beautiful people! I’m Miel and I have type 3b/3c curly hair. Stick around to know how I manage my curls every day even when I have scalp eczema

Note: It’s best to consult with your doctor first if you’re experiencing scalp issues such as dandruff, red patches, or even severe hair fall. 

For a little background, I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week, depending on my skin flare-ups and I always leave a day (or two) where I can leave my curls as is, naked, with no stylers at all just so it can breathe. 

Day 1: The Only Co-wash Day

My week usually starts with co-washing my curls using Curls Conditioner. I would apply conditioner to my hair to detangle and then I’ll do s2c, better known as “squish to condish.” It is a hair-conditioning technique that provides more hydration to our curls, keeping them moisturized and healthy. This is done by taking a section of detangled hair on your palm and then squishing water into the hair from the tips to the roots. You can find a lot of tutorial videos online but here’s one of my favorite by Shosh (@welshiecurlgirl). 

After washing my hair, I rub Curls Leave-in Conditioner all over my curls while it’s still dripping wet and then I apply my stylers. I sometimes use a brush or just my fingers to style my hair and then finish it all off by hover diffusing in low to medium heat. Once my hair is dry, I scrunch out the cast of the stylers.

Day 2: Chill Spritz Day

Since I use a satin/silk pillowcase, my hair won’t easily get frizzy even when I sleep. So for my Day 2 hair, I would just refresh my curls by spritzing a bit of water and then letting it dry on its own. My hair is still styled from my Day 1 routine so not much is needed to be done. 

Having a silk/satin pillowcase or hair cap helps preserve our styled curls and can really make them last, plus it doesn’t damage our hair strands at all.

Day 3: Hairstyling Day

If I’m lucky, my hair wouldn’t be so frizzy on Day 3. Even if it is though, I won’t refresh my curls anymore and I usually just choose to put my hair up into a bun on Day 3. I style it using a silk/satin scrunchie or with a silk/satin scarf. It’s actually quite fun thinking of hairstyles that can be done to our curls. 

Day 4: Scalp Wash Day

Sometimes, I have mild flare-ups (red, itchy patches) by Day 4 because of my eczema. I don’t really need to medicate my scalp just yet; I would just wash it since I noticed that washing my scalp like usual helps ease mild flare-ups. 

I cleanse my scalp with Curls Shampoo using a scalp massager and then I make sure to rinse it off completely before applying my conditioner. I spread Curls Conditioner starting from the tips of my hair, gradually bringing them up midway, although not letting it reach my scalp. 

After raking the conditioner through my hair, I proceed with detangling, then squish to condish (s2c), and then rinse it all off completely. 

After washing, I would just apply a generous amount of Curls Leave-in Conditioner on my dripping wet hair and then dry as usual with a diffuser.

If I don’t experience any scalp issues, I would skip the scalp wash day and just refresh my curls on Day 4 and do my Full Wash Day on Day 5 instead.

Day 5: Easy Pineapple Day

If I didn’t wash my scalp on Day 4, I would be doing my Full Wash today. But since I did a Scalp Wash yesterday, I’ll go easy for now. As I didn’t apply any stylers on my hair yesterday, my hair won’t be too defined as it was on Day 1. Nevertheless, I can still style my hair using a silk/satin scrunchie or scarf like on Day 3. I do prefer a messy pineapple hairstyle on such days, though.

Day 6: Full Wash Day

My dermatologist recommended a medicated shampoo for my eczema and I decided to use it on the same day I deep condition my curls since the medicated shampoo can be so drying. 

For today’s routine, I detangle my hair first with Curls Conditioner. If my curls are tangled, I won’t be able to apply my medicated shampoo properly to my scalp so I take my time detangling them first. 

After detangling, I’ll apply my medicated shampoo to my scalp and I’ll use a scalp massager to help spread it all over. I’ll then leave it on for 5 minutes (or for however long the doctor prescribed) and then I’ll rinse it off. 

When I’m done shampooing, I’ll apply Curls Deep Conditioner all over my hair, making sure all hair strands are covered and I’ll leave it on for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I’ll squish to condish my curls while rinsing until the deep conditioner is all washed off. I’ll squeeze excess water from my hair using a microfiber towel and then let my curls air dry. I won’t apply any hair products on this wash day so that my hair can relax and breathe.

Day 7: Relaxed Hair Day

It feels nice leaving my hair relaxed and naked without the heaviness of any hair products. I just leave my hair as it is or tie it however I want. Although it’s quite frizzy because there aren’t any creams or stylers holding my curls, my hair still looks and feels healthy since Curls by Zenutrients is great for all hair types. 


And that's it! We hope you enjoyed Miel's Curl Diary and picked up a thing or two about your curly hair. 

What was your favourite learning from Miel? Comment down below!

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