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Curl Diary: Coily Hair Routine by May

Guest article by May Tapales

Hey curlies! I am May and here is my coily routine for the whole week 💚



For  Monday, I just kept my hair care simple and easy as well as my hair style.

Normally if I’m going to work in the office I try as much as possible to keep my hair tied in a simple hairstyle and keep it tamed. I am a front-liner so a big hair is quite not recommendable for me cause I don’t really want much attention and I’m avoiding people from touching my hair with or without my permission. We all know it’s a no-no for us, curlies. 😅

So yeah, I just tied my hair in a mid-bun but first I washed my hair with Curls Conditioner  then rinsed. I didn’t use shampoo cause I didn’t feel the need to use it today. Next, I put a bit of the conditioner and then dried my hair using a hair dryer with a diffuser.

When it’s already like 80% dry, I tied my hair in a mid-bun. I used a strong hold gel and added bobby pins for my baby hair to keep them tamed.


Tuesday, I wet my hair with the Curls conditioner. I detangled my hair then squished it. One of the great things about my hair is I don’t need to constantly squish it cause it’s already so curly even if I don’t use any hair styling gels or creams. But I still squish it for more defined curls. Then I dried my hair using a hair dryer with diffuser.

I just tied half of my hair, then let the other half down. Then put a headband.


On Wednesday, I just sprinkled a few water with conditioner on my hair using a spray bottle. Tied my hair in a pineapple bun, one of my go-to hairstyles. I also use scarves and shoe laces in tying my hair (pineapple bun) cause some times simple hair ties can’t hold my big hair.


Thursday, I wanted to let my hair down so I washed it using Curls conditioner I detangled first then squished my hair then rinsed. I don’t really set a schedule on when to detangle my hair but I do it very often. I have a 4A to 4B hair so my hair is constantly tangling, especially when I tie hair. I applied a strong hold hair gel to tame my hair.

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Then, I used some clips to keep my bangs away from my forehead. I clipped my bangs/front hair from the back.



It’s Friday and I wanted to celebrate the last day of work! LOL.

Since I put a lot of products in the past few days, I’ve decided to wash my hair with Curls Shampoo. I applied the Curls deep conditioner, squished my hair and I let the deep con sit for 10 minutes then rinsed.

Normally, I don’t really use conditioner if I know It’s deep con day. I don’t like applying to much different hair products on my hair. Then I applied a strong hold hair gel and added some hair beads for styling.



For Saturday, since I was just home the whole day, I just let my hair down and I also used a hair pick or Afro pick to give my hair a better volume.

I didn’t wet my hair because a bigger volume will not be possible if my hair is wet.


Sunday:  I just washed my hair with Curls conditioner.

I rinsed it thoroughly then applied a flaxseed gel to hold my curls. I decided to wear a silk scarf for styling. I used the scarf as a headband and it quite kept my hair away from my face, forehead and nape, unlike if I am not wearing a headband, my hair is totally touching my skin.

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My hair is so big that I can’t last a day with my hair down and touching the sweaty parts of my face and body especially if I’m out. I always bring a hair tie just in case I felt the need to tie my hair.



We hope you enjoyed her article, curlies! To check out the products she mentioned, you may head on to our list of products! 💚

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