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Curl Guy Diary: Nate's Routine

Guest blog by Nate 

Hey guys I’m Nate and on this blog guest article I’ll be sharing about my curly guy hair routine. Let’s get it started okrrr skrt!

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To start, my routine isn’t solely for guys as I don’t gate-keep but since I’ve gone through the boy-cut phase. I think I can speak on the guy's behalf and relate more.

So feel free to try and maybe it’ll work out for you too! As hair has no gender!


Also disclaimer: I'm not a strict follower of the CGM method as well, so I won’t be going too in-depth with it. What I do is TAE (Trial and Error) method like what works for me may not work for everyone. 

Read more about CGM here:

1. I just let my hair grow out naturally without doing anything like touching it or not brushing it when it’s dry. 



Be open-minded, experimental, and patient.

I never really knew I have curly hair as I was used to just seeing my hair be straight. Also school didn’t really help that much since I had to keep a certain look every month to look “decent”. However, it doesn’t mean that you had something done with your hair like bleached, dyed, rebounded/relaxed, etc, that it’s not possible to achieve or revive your curly hair. 

But if you have an oily scalp or hair you could actually brush your hair dry, it’s also recommended more for wavy hair types. It's because oil production would be distributed evenly to dead hair or split ends. 

Everyone's hair is different. You could try “The Big Chop”. In my case, I had a buzzcut last January of 2020, which in hindsight also made me save money. 

If you worry about your hair growth, a tip I could give is to use oils mixed with water in a spray bottle (preferably not essential oils - also if we’re talking about ratio I try to put at least 2-4 drops of oils and the rest is water till the bottle is full). For example Castor oil, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, etc.

It’s also useful to remove the gel cast of the hair.


2. You don’t have to get and buy everything you see online.

Been there, done that. I used to religiously try and go out my way just to buy the exact same products as the people I follow online would do. However, it’s not really that practical. 

Pro-tip if you’re planning to test out a product: try to buy the smallest size that they have available. So that if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not really that much of a loss.

When the pandemic hit, I didn’t spend as much as I used to.  I didn’t see the importance of trying to look good when I’m just inside the comfort of my home. It made my hair breath and rest in a way.

What I did was I tried to search around the house if had some of the items and to my surprise we did have some!  I found out that we already have a scalp brush, Gugo products, and brushes. Lol. So dig through the bathrooms, your family’s stuff, etc!


3. Assess hair if it needs more protein or moisture.

I’m still up until this day not really entirely sure about this. Since I still get confused about it. Too much of anything is bad and lacking can be prevented/treated as well.

I abused using too much protein from using 3 different hair masques/masks at the same time and leaving it on for more than a day. You should follow the prescribed instructions if it says you need to rinse it off after 5 - 30 minutes. Learn from my mistakes. 

From what I’ve gathered and understood, protein overload is when your hair doesn’t curl up or isn’t as defined as it used to be. Hair Fatigue is when your hair is separated more than normal.


4. I use a scalp brush to prevent product build-up and wet detangle. 

I learned from the hair stylist from the salon that the reason why I get so much dandruff/product build-up is that I shouldn’t use my fingernails when I wash my hair.

So it’s actually a win for me to have a scalp brush as it massages my scalp to help stimulate hair growth and lessen product build-up.

For your hair not to tangle as much, don’t use it like how you use a normal brush but rather try to brush your hair in small circular motion sections. Try to detangle with your hands first. But if there's really stubborn tangled hair don’t automatically cut or trim it off. 

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I try to wash my hair by flipping it all upside down. Then rotate it side to side.


5. Use styling brushes.

Before wetting my hair I try to detangle my hair using my hands and massage in the oils and pre-poo (shampoo) by letting it soak in for a couple of minutes. Then use a Scalp Massage Brush. I swear it’s a life changer. After wetting my hair, I try to squeeze any excess water and product as that’s where overload happens. If it happens to have wet frizz, a way to make it defined is to soak it with damped water then using a curl defining brush to achieve it. 

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6. I typically shampoo 2 times a week. (Before and after conditioner - to lessen dandruff/product build-up). 

I don’t necessarily have different kinds of shampoo like clarifying or what not. I just use whatever’s available. I am fortunate and privileged enough that I have relatives and get to travel out of the country to be able to buy cheap drugstore curly hair products. However, now thanks to the sudden rise of the Curly community here in the Philippines; Zenutrients became the pioneer first brand to launch an all curly hair product line which is super convenient now.

It can’t be helped sometimes to not wash my hair everyday as we live in a humid country. Plus with precaution of not getting sick whenever I go out and come home I must wash my hair. I wet my hair starting with lukewarm water first, as if it’s hot water the scalp and hair is sensitive so I don’t want to make it more dry than it already is.

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Although if I feel like my hair needs some cleansing I try to turn on the hot water and let it flow through my hands. Then comb through.

7. Air Dry or Diffuse

Before I religiously air dried my hair and I discovered that the outcome is much better, super defined, and moisturized looking. Don't be frustrated at first if it’s your first time using a diffuser as I too was disappointed. Like I thought it was a waste as I didn’t see much difference before.

As I put more product in like leave-in, mousse, and gel that’s when I saw a drastic difference. My hair wasn’t as frizzy looking as it used to be. I try to diffuse my hair starting with the lowest air pressure and cool setting with my hair upside down and avoid touching my hair as much as possible.

Then I try to move my diffuser from side-to-side for definition.

Then when I feel like it’s starting to dry like around 50% – 70% that’s when I put the diffuser teeth to the ends of my hair and push it up for volume, then the brittles I try to massage my scalp with it for elongation – as it also stimulates hair growth. 80% – 90% I just air dry till it fully dries. 


8. Use Silk! Satin!

Lastly, so that I wouldn’t repeat the hectic high maintenance process I wear a silk satin night cap, with a silk satin pillowcase to serve as a double protection. When I wake up it can’t be helped that the top portion of my head is flat compared to my sides so I try to lift it with the hair pick or sometimes leave it as it is and let the frizz the lifter. I try to freshen it with the oil and water mixture. Then when I have to take a bath I just use a shower cap until I feel like my scalp can’t take it.

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You can also try silk scarves for added protection! You can get it here:




For those of you who feel like they can’t accept themselves as of the moment don’t worry we’ve all been there so I understand. Next time you find yourselves rejecting who you are, stop that thought immediately as that’s not reality. I wish that one day you’d suddenly realized to not care about what others think of you.

As long as you know who you are, what you’re capable of, and not affecting anybody else negatively. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you don’t know how to do it yet, that’s okay!  You are amazing and you deserve to appreciate everything that makes you, you. 

Thank you again everyone! Till next time, goodbye!


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