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Curl Kid Diary by Chibi

Hello Curly Cuties! I am Christian Bliss, you can call me Chibi. I am turning 6 this November. I’m a model and a kid ambassador. In my family, I am the only child who has curly hair, so my Nanay did all the research for me. I’ve started Kindergarten recently and I keep myself busy homeschooling on weekdays and playing on weekends!


My Curly Journey started last November 2019 when I was 4 years old. My hair routine did not change much except the time when I had longer hair. Here is what my daily curly routine looks like:


Curls Shampoo – every other day because I tend to sweat a lot, just like most kids do!

Curls Deep Conditioner – once a week, usually on a weekend. It helps my hair to become more moisturized. 

Curls Conditioner - every day, I do squish to condish method to form more waves and curls.


Stylers – gel mixed with Curls Leave-In Conditioner – I put this on damp hair and spread it evenly using a curl-defining brush. I only use stylers when we do mini photoshoots or videos at home. It helps to make my curls/waves last long.



Plop Method – I use my plopping towel to remove excess water from my hair and then air dry.


Hair Diffusing - my Nanay diffuses my hair only when we use stylers. We follow the hover diffusing method as seen on Manes by Mell YT channel, we usually diffuse my hair until it’s 50% dry and the rest we leave air-dried.

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    For kids with long hair, the only difference is what we did with the styling. We did more finger coiling and used rooting clips before diffusing. Most of the products that I use can be bought from the Curls Website


    My Curly Hair Routine looks time-consuming, right? Especially for a kid like me who loves to play, play, play, it does! But Nanay is so patient with me and she teaches me to do these things so when I become older, I will know how to do it myself and remember what works for me.


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    • So happy for you that you started your curly hair journey as early as 4 yrs old!! :)


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