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Curl Power: Join the Movement

What is Curl Power?

Curl Power is for you, curl friend.

Here in the country, beautiful hair has always been synonymous to long and straight hair. We remember stories like being called “Hagrid'' or “Sto. Nino” (not that they were offensive words, but our curl friends definitely looked nothing like them.)

Sometimes, the word “bruha” even comes into the pool of this name-calling.  

If you’re curly haired, you’ve probably also been told at least once in your life that you should get your hands on a straightening iron or go to a salon to get a rebond.

And maybe at least once in your life, you were tempted to.

When the brand was born, we had this single thought—our curl friends deserve better. It saddens us how the biggest hair care products in the country have always been centered on having that typical straight-as-a-ruler hair. It saddens us even more how a lot of our curl friends don’t know how to properly care for their curls.

Our commitment to help change that narrative is Curl Power.


Curl Power is not our voice, it’s yours. 

When we think about Curl Power, it isn’t simply about accepting your curls. Curl Power is embracing those curls and being the most confident as you do so.

Our dream is to see all our curl friends breaking free from the notion that curls are “ugly” or undesirable. Our dream is to see all our curl friends bloom with strength, glow with self-love and power, and inspire each other to be their beautiful, natural selves.

We hope you share our dream too, curl friend! 

Join us and be part of the movement. Here are the mechanics how you can become one of our Curl Power Ambassadors:

1. Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of your curls before and after you owned your #CurlPower and started taking care of your curls

2. Tag us (@curlnationbyzen), tag two curl friends, and use the hashtag #CurlPower

The ones with the most interesting entries get to be a Curl Power ambassador and have their own headshots (as seen in this article).

You will also get other perks like a FREE starter set and your own discount codes! Don't miss this one curlies.💚

Start owning your curl power and use the best products for your curls. Don't know where to begin? You can take our curl type quiz and read our full guide on the Curly Girl Method 💫

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