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Curly Girl Method Expectations

You're curious about the Curly Girl Method. You’re browsing through curl communities online. You see a photo of curls going from a 50 to a 100.  


You think to yourself: hey! if they can do that, I can do that too.

And you know what? You’re right.

BUT (and emphasis on but) the process will be different. 

As we sort through CGM stories, many of us form expectations in our heads what the process is like or what the results would be. We compare ourselves to others. 

This, of course, leads to disappointment since each journey is different. 

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In this article, we asked our curl friends who've gone through the CGM journey, and according to them, here is the reality of what to expect and what not to expect:

What to Expect

  • Trial and Error


    “But it works for her!”

    It works for her but it doesn’t work for you. Sometimes, that’s just how it is. There is no single routine that works for everybody.

    It’s all our pipe dream, of course, but in reality, we need to dip our toes in the water. Finding a routine for you is a lot research and trials at first, but it'll all be worth it in the end!

    (And we're here to guide you!)

  • Overwhelming terms

    Here’s the thing: if you’re a beginner, there is no need to know all the As to Zs in the curl dictionary. Of course, it’s always ideal to know everything. But in reality, we’d get overwhelmed. 

    Start with the basic terms first, such as “scrunching,” “sulfates,” “gel cast,” etc. for the first steps. As you begin to explore CGM, you’d eventually learn all the other terms. 

  • Different curl typ

  • Finding wavy strands in your curls? That’s normal! There’s nothing wrong with you. Some people have different curl types in their hair. They’d have parts that are wavy, parts that are more coily. 

    What Not To Expect


  • Results overnight

    Admit it, don’t we all want to see results just right after we use a product? 

    Unless you have a fairy godmother who can transform you at a wave of a magic wand, patience is a virtue. 

    Especially if you’re just starting CGM and your hair has been damaged from using the wrong products, it will take time to heal (as all things do!)

  • Similar results with others

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    Like we said, everyone is different and what you see on social media may not always apply to you.

    Focus on your journey.

  • Perfect hair every day

    Many people expect that if you do CGM, you’ll always have perfect hair. But even if you’re into it for years, sometimes you’d still find frizz here and there. Sometimes, the curls just won’t form.

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    The promise of CGM is to make your hair at its healthiest. Healthy doesn’t always mean perfect. And you don’t need to be perfect all the time. 

    Just like what we’ve been repeating since the start, your hair, just like the rest of your body, is uniquely you. It’s only natural that your curl care is different. 

    And as they say, trust the process.


    For more information on CGM, check out our CGM Beginner guide here! You can also check out our products which are CGM-approved and easy to use.

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