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Curly Hair Guide For Men

We know, we know. Here in the Philippines, hair care is not “uso” for guys. It’s like skincare – everyone thinks it’s only for girls (which, of course, is not true.)

Haircare knows no gender, most especially with curls. 

Here’s why: textured hair tends to be dry and coarse. It doesn’t matter much if you have long hair or a boy-cut. Curls naturally tend to get frizzy if you don’t pay attention to them.

Worry not because this article is dedicated to our curly bois, pare, dudes, and chongs out there! 

Benefits of curl care 

  1. Goodbye dry hair: Curl care routines are specifically made to address dryness issues. 

“Dati sobrang hirap ako kasi dry buhok ko tapos makapal. Kaya di ako makahanap ng product na mas okay sa buhok,” our curly guy Jico shares. 

  1. Pogi points: Fine-looking curls are sure to add charm to your looks 😉

  1. Healthy: Because most curl care products don’t contain harmful chemicals, you’ll be assured that your hair only gets the best nutrients.

Products you need

  1. Shampoo: to remove dirt and build-up
  2. Conditioner: to moisturize
  3. Leave-In Conditioner: to provide extra protection
  4. Gels/ Mousse: to hold and define
  5. Deep Conditioner: to treat damage and provide extra moisture
  6. Detangling Brush: to manage 

Steps to Curl Care Routine 

Even though the popular curl routine Curly Girl Method (CGM) has the word “girl” in it, anyone can use it, even boys! Here are the steps from Lorraine Massey’s CGM:

  • Cleansing

  • Most commercial shampoos contain a cleansing agent called sulfates which are very drying to the hair. Use curl-approved shampoos that do not contain such chemicals and still do a good job!

    To properly cleanse your hair, apply shampoo and massage to your scalp with your fingertips. You may also use a scalp brush for easier application. Because you’d use a lot of products in your routine, scalp build-up is inevitable so proper cleansing is very important.

    You also have to remember not to use shampoo every day. 1-3x a week is the general recommendation. Because it cleanses the scalp, it can also dry it out when used too much. 

  •  Moisturizing

  • Dryness is a big issue for the curly guys we talked to. 

    Our curly guy Raven shares, for me, I’ve also been struggling talaga with dry hair, along with that the curls have been super thin pa so overall it wasn’t the best. When I was given the chance to try the Curls products (shampoo, conditioner [regular, deep, and leave-on]), my hair felt smoother and the curls got a lot bigger!”

    This is exactly what a conditioner is made for; to fight dryness. 

     Unlike shampoo, you can use conditioner more frequently. Some even do a co-wash method (using conditioner as a cleanser instead of shampoo.) When using a conditioner, only apply it to the ends of your curls (not to your scalp).


  • Treatment

  • Treatment is like a conditioner except that it’s stronger so that it addresses damage or provides an extra layer of moisturization. You may use a Deep Conditioner and apply it to the ends of your scalp. Because it’s stronger, the general recommendation is 2-4x a month. Frequency also depends on your curl type. 

    If you have looser or wavier curls, less is more. But if you have tighter ones, you’d want to apply more products.

    (Check out your curl type here!)

  • Styling and Drying

  • via GIPHY

    The last step of applying products is styling. This step isn’t just for the aesthetics but also to protect your curls even after wash routine. 

    While your curls are still damp, the first thing you’d want to use is a leave-in conditioner. Its purpose is to maintain moisture in your hair even after you dry it. It also provides some definition so you could skip the gel if you want. 

    If you do want more sleek and defined curls, gels are your buddies! Just make sure that they are curl-approved and you’re good to go. 

    TIP: To know if a product is curl-approved, check Curlsbot!

    Once done with styling, you may let your curls dry. If you have shorter curls, you can just air dry it but if you have longer ones, you may also use a diffuser to prevent frizz. 


    These are steps that can be generally applied to all curl types. Each curl is different so you may want to check out first what your curl pattern type and curl porosity is. To read more on curl routine for guys, here’s a Curly Hair Diary from one of our curl ambassadors, Nate. 

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