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Curly Hair Routine for Men: Pinoy Edition (by Daniel)

Hey curlies, have you met our new curly ambassador?

Curly Daniel is a 26 year old musician from Rizal. He likes manga, plays Wild Rift, and plays guitar! He has also been doing curl care for a long time already and today, we get a chance to talk to him and he shares with us how he takes care of his curls as a Pinoy:

What is your curl routine? 

I only wash my hair twice a week. Here's my washday routine:


To wash off the product build up on my head, I use a scalp brush to cleanse it as I shampoo, as it helps and stimulate hair growth as well. It feels satisfying because it massages your scalp at the same time. 

Sometimes, whenever I feel like there's too much build up, I double cleanse.

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After shampoo, I apply conditioner (avoiding the roots). I then use a detangling brush, or my hands, to detangle my hair. [Then, I do the squish to condish, because it really helps to hydrate the hair.] I let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. 

Note: Sometimes I apply conditioner first before shampoo. I tried it and got good results. It might not work for others, but you can give it a try.

I'm still on the experimental stage as well, getting to know my curls day by day.

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I use deepcon once or twice a week. It depends on my curls (and if I get extra time, to be honest). I leave it for 40mins-1hr or even overnight using a shower cap. I love how it deeply nourishes my hair.

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After washing my hair, I scrunch it using a t-shirt, then I plop it while I do my face routine. I then style my hair with styling products. To dry my hair, I use a blow dryer with diffuser for about 15-20mins. I start from low cool, then low heat.

When I got plenty of time, I just air dry.

What products do you use?

Leave-in Conditioner (Curls by Zenutrients)

I apply the leave-in on my freshly-washed or damp hair. I love how it smells!

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Hair Cream (Monea Curling Cream)

After applying leave-in conditioner, I put on this cream. I use a Curl Defining Brush/Denman Brush to create ringlets. For better results, I also finger coil and scrunch. 

Gel (Bench Fix Hair Gel)

Lastly, I use gel in my routine. I just apply it on the surface using the praying hands technique, then scrunch lightly. Next is I blow dry my hair/air dry. 

Then, I scrunch out the crunch to remove the gel cast.

Non-greasy coconut oil

I apply this oil once or twice a month. I massage the oil to my scalp/hair then leave it for 30mins-1hr, or overnight then rinse it. It softens and adds shine to my hair.

Argan Hair Oil (Naturals by Watsons)

I sawit while buying stuff in Watsons, gave it a try and got good results. I apply it early morning. 

You can just pump 2-4 times. Sometimes I apply it before styling my hair or after gel for more moisture and shine.

What are your go-to hairstyles?

I just part my hair to the middle, left, or right wherever it sets after I dry my hair. (I was thinking of getting a hair cut while answering this question, just want to try and experiment though 😅)

Any hair issues?

Hair Frizz: But it's a part of us, given how humid our country is, so I'm still trying to embrace the frizz.

Product Build up: I apply less products on my next routine whenever I notice product build up.

Frizz and build-up are the two most common hair issues that curlies like Daniel deal with on a regular basis.  He manages to overcome them by sticking to the routine that works for him.

To our curly pinoys out there, Daniel’s guide is for you! If you still don’t know where to start, you may take inspiration from his daily routine! 💚 

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