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Curly Movie Characters We Stan

We know that curl representation in past movies hasn’t been exactly the best out there. You have Mia going from a curly haired “nerd” to a straight-haired princess (yikes!). 😅

But for the past few years, we’ve seen much better representation for our curly-haired pals! 💚

Here, we compiled the curly characters whom we think stole the show 🎬:


Shuri (Black Panther, MCU) 🖤🐆


Shuri is the sister of T’Challa and the brain behind Wakanda’s advanced technology. Avengers: Endgame Joe Russon confirms that Shuri is the smartest character in the MCU. Talk about girl (and curl) power!

Merida (Brave) 🧡🏹


You’re probably very familiar with Pixar’s first female lead, Merida, and her iconic red curls. 

She defies all traditional expectations from a princess in order to go after the destiny she desires. She’s highly skilled in archery – a sport that is expected for men only. Although she’s persistent and can be a bit hard-headed, she still has a soft heart, especially to her younger brothers. 

Rue (Hunger Games) 🤎💪


If you remember, Rue was very close to Katniss that there was even a scene where she sang for her. Rue was a 12-year-old chosen tribute from District 11. Just like everybody else in the other district, the Capitol treated her as a pawn in their twisted entertainment called the Hunger Games. 

At her age, Rue was incredibly brave, smart, and fast that she survived a few nights in the games, and outlasted tributes way older and stronger than her. She’s innocent and kind in the film that was so painful to think about her destiny. 

(SPOILER ALERT: Her death in the games spurred an uprising in District 11 – making her a pivotal character in the franchise.)

Richie Tozier (It) 💜👓


Thanks to Richie, the heart-stopping horror movie also turned into a comedy film. Due to his pottymouth and crude humor, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching a horror movie in the first place.  

Moana (Moana) 💙🛶


Moana braved the ocean to return the mystical relic to Te Fiti and save her people. She is strong-willed and braved through all the hurdles and attacks to complete her mission. What a curlie!


These are just some of the curly characters we stan but we sure there are some more (and hopefully others to come) that represent the strength that we curlies have. 💚

How about you? Any curly characters you love? Share it with us in the comments below! 

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