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Common Curls Misconceptions

Hey curlies! If you’re still new to curl care, there may be things that you’ll find confusing or hard to understand. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding curly hair and in this article, we list them down so you don’t have to look anywhere else!

“Product buildup is dandruff”

Many people mistakenly think that product build-up and dandruff are the same.

Curlies often get product build-up because of the amount of products that we use. Because washing hair with shampoo every day is not recommended, the product build-up often stays in the hair longer. 

How to know if it’s build-up or dandruff?

Product build-up is often sticky to the hair. Dandruff flakes, on the other hand, are likely to fall out. Dandruff flakes, unlike product build-up, also tend to look different in shapes and irregular in size. 

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To remove product build-up, make sure you wash properly with shampoo and use a scalp brush to better clean your scalp. 



“Not washing hair causes frizz”

It may have shocked you at first when the most proper curl care routines don’t recommend washing hair every day. In the Philippines where taking a bath and washing hair every day is almost norm, it feels strange not to do it. 

Because we’re not used to it, some of us may think that not washing hair causes it to be damaged, dry, or frizzy.

In fact, it is the opposite! If you wash your hair every day with shampoo, it may get even drier and more frizzy. Of course, if you really need it, you can still wash your hair every day, as long as you use conditioner. You can also co-wash at times instead of using only shampoo. 

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“Curly hair isn’t natural to Filipinos”


Because straight hair has always been the standard and norm in the country, most people think that curly hair isn’t a natural trait to Filipinos. This isn’t true. We have naturally curly-haired Filipinos.  In a study in 1911 (Bean, R.B.), it was presumed that curly hair in Filipinos may be due to the crossing of genetics from the Negritos and Malays coming to the Philippines. 

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"Hair patterns don’t change"

There are some of us who were born with straight hair but got curls or waves as we grow up. Meanwhile, there are some of us who were born with curls but got straight. Both of these situations are normal. There are different reasons why hair patterns change, such as hormone changes or environmental changes. 

It’s also completely normal to have different hair patterns in your hair. You may have strands that are straight and strands that are curly. 

"Curls need to be brushed"

While it’s tempting to brush out the tangled or frizzy curls, it actually does more harm than good. Brushing out curls, especially when it’s dry, is a no-no! You can brush your hair while it’s still wet. Dry brushing would cause curls to get even frizzier. 

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