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#DeepConDare Curly Diary by Iberrette

(Guest post by Iberrette Zeria)

Hello curlies, it’s Zeria! Let me share with you how I take care of my hair with Curls Deep Conditioner.

I always thought that you can only have one hair texture but then I learned that mine goes from 2C to 3B. I had to learn which products could help with the pattern and which ones would weigh down the hair. I have a normal porosity hair and I don’t have much problem when it comes to soaking or drying my hair. I still get frizz due to our country’s varying weather, but nothing a little leave-in couldn’t help.

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I try to deep con at least once a week so I can keep my hair moisturized. It greatly helped my hair after my box hair dye transition. My hair was super brittle and it was just so sad to see my patterns slowly disappearing. I try to balance my use of products and see if my hair needs protein. If I don’t add it once in a while, it will go limp which is opposite of what I want - a big healthy hair.

I hope you enjoy reading and learn something new!




For easier detangling, I used Curls Conditioner to break down some. Then, without rinsing, I added Curls Shampoo for cleansing. Somehow this helps with volume but I don't know how to explain why, it just happens to me. I first used my fingers to massage my scalp but I also used a scalp brush for better cleansing. 




After thoroughly rinsing, I used Curls Deep Conditioner in generous amount.



I dried my hair with a microfiber towel and brushed with a styling brush. I only added a little amount of olive oil to my scalp, not to my hair, since I was going for naked curls (no styling products added.)



Then finally, air dry! It's been two weeks since my last deep con since we're really busy. My hair is starting to have knots and tangles and its getting really dry. I made sure to cover all of the strands. I kept the deep con for almost 15 minutes since I didn't have much time today. Nothing special, just helped with some olive oil.



I did a more normal routine— cleansing with Curls Shampoo with a scalp brush. It’s really a life saver especially when your nails are long. I made sure to work by sections so it covers everywhere.

After rinsing, I already felt the Shampoo’s clarifying effects.

I used a protein conditioner from another brand to break the routine and give my hair some breather. Changing variants or brands from time to time can help with volume or texture!

After rinsing, I used Curls Deep Conditioner, making sure to coat all strands.

I plopped my hair on a micro fiber towel. When it was about 10% dry (don't ask me how I got that % haha), I used Curls Leave-In Conditioner to help lock in the curls and give more hold with the pattern. I used about a size of the old P5 coin on each half of my hair, then I brushed and scrunched to encourage curls on forming. 



My family had a rough month and I also got infected with COVID-19. I couldn't wash properly so my hair got tangled and dry, and they really needed TLC. I coated my hair by sections since I really wanted extra moisture and texture. I let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

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I did almost the same routine as the first week; Curls Conditioner for the scalp, detangling with Curlssential Detangler, and cleansing with Curls Shampoo.



I used a lot of deep conditioners; with its thick consistency, I could see if all four sections of my hair were well covered.

After this, we should never forget about using microfiber towels to dry our curls, to prevent breakage and frizzing.

I added olive oil to my scalp to help with itching and hair growth. Just a small amount since I didn't want to overwhelm my scalp and hair.

I used Curls leave in conditioner and styled my hair with the Curl Defining Brush.



After air drying, hello to the most beautiful ringlets! Hello again my babies!



It's been over a week and I really wanted to refresh my curls and bring back texture.

As usual, I sectioned my hair. This time it’s in to four sections (not just half and half.) So all should be well coated. I put my hair in a bun as I went back to work since it's a work day.

I didn't really see how long it sat but I'm guessing 1.5-2.5 hours since I kept missing my chance to wash my hair.

Today, I used a combination of olive oil and leave in for styling, I would've used some gel too cut I was in a bit of a time constraint.


This has been my Deep Conditioner Diary, a bit of an interval from the first week but here we are! 😁

Remember that you should always research and see what works for your hair, do mix and match. It's a very fun process even after taking care of my natural hair for 6 years now I'm still learning every day.

Love yourself, love your hair, no matter what texture you have, and don't be afraid to try new things 💚


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