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#DeepConDare Coily Diary by May

Hello curlies! I'm Andrea and I welcome you to my 4-week Deep Con Routine Diary 💚 Happy Reading!!!


My hair type and porosity

I have a multi-textured Afro hair, ranging from Type 3c-4b

If I put styling products like gels and creams, my hair becomes a little more loose (4a) but if I just let my hair free of styling products, my hair is around 4a-4b especially if I finger-comb it or use the afro/hair pick.

As for the porosity, I'm still confused if my hair is low or medium/normal porosity.

I did the Hair Porosity Check. My hair strand floats at the top, so the result is I have a Low Porosity hair but surprisingly my hair is shiny. It absorbs moisture quickly and it doesn’t really take long for my hair to air dry (which means I have a Medium/Normal Porosity hair.)

It’s quite confusing but all in all I am satisfied and perfectly fine with my hair now, as long as it is healthy, shiny and growing.

In terms of Deep Conditioning, I only use deep con once a week, normally Sunday is Deep Con Day for me. I alter Protein-free Deep Con and Deep Con with Protein weekly to make sure the protein on my hair is balanced.


First Week






I always make sure that I use dee con every week, mostly once a week. As I have mentioned earlier, I normally alter Protein-free Deep Con and Deep Con with Protein weekly, but I have decided to use Protein-free conditioner from Curls by Zenutrients for straight 4-weeks.

I first cleansed my hair using Curls Shampoo, diluted it with water.


I made sure my hair is clean and free of products I have used for the past days, focusing on the scalp to remove product build-up.

By the way, I don’t wash my hair every day, I normally wash my hair twice or thrice a week, depending on the need to wash my hair.

I sometimes wait for 3-4 days before washing my hair. The natural oil of my hair is very important to me.

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I also don’t use conditioner if it is Deep Con day, because for me Deep Con is enough. So, after shampooing my hair, I used the deep Con. I sectioned my hair into small sections using hair ties. I applied the deep con evenly and generously. While applying the deep con, I made sure I detangled my hair. I used my fingers as a comb for detangling. Finger-combing is my most favorite tool for combing.

I let the deep con sit for 15 minutes, for it to have enough time to work on my hair.

I rinsed it thoroughly and removed the excess water and then I applied a Extreme Hold Styling Gel, while squishing my hair


Second Week

As I mentioned earlier, I alter Protein-free Deep Con and Deep Con with Protein weekly, because we also need protein for our hair.

Why do we need Protein for hair?

Our hair especially curly hair needs protein too, not only moisture alone. Because of the shape of the strands, our hair’s cuticles are more prone to damage. Without protein, curls become weak, dry, and lifeless and we do not want that to happen.

On my second week, I mixed both products, so my hair won’t be deprived of protein.

I put a generous amount of protein-free deep con in a bowl and added the same amount of protein deep con and mixed it well. Same procedure as on my first week, I shampooed my hair, rinsed, and applied the mixture. I did the S2C (Squish to Condish) to train the curls.

After 20 minutes, I rinsed the mixture I applied then I put a Curls Leave-In Conditioner this time (section by section) to maintain the curls while doing the S2C again.


Third Week


I almost forgot to mention that I don’t always use shampoo. I noticed that shampoo is not my hair’s best friend. And when I use shampoo, most of the time I dilute it with water.

Why do I dilute shampoo with water?

I read an article before about hair care that diluting shampoo with water will allow the product lather and distribute the product evenly throughout the hair. It also prevents the shampoo from stripping away the moisture and natural oil out of the hair. Plus, for me it saves a lot of shampoo.

I used water-dipper (tabo) in diluting. I only put water just half of the dipper then poured enough amount of shampoo. I mixed it well to lather. I applied it focusing on my scalp. I don’t pour it directly to the strands, I let the excess product, go down to the strands.

I don’t have the scalp brush, so I only use my fingertips to massage my scalp.

Massage, massage, and massage.

I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair then applied the deep con section by section. I finger-combed and squished to condish. I rinsed it after 15 minutes. I have decided to apply oil and not styling gel or cream to seal the moisture.

Fourth Week

Finally, on my fourth week of deep con routine diary. Yay!

On my fourth week, I have settled not to use shampoo, instead I used diluted conditioner.

I didn’t feel the need to shampoo my hair. I didn’t use any styling products as well. I felt the need to skip hair products and just let my hair breathe for a while.

Why do we need to skip hair products from time to time?

We might all agree that styling products like gels, leave-in conditioners and creams are curly people’s best friend. It is quite hard for us to handle our curls without those products. With them, we can do different hair styles and they actually tame our hair especially for people like me who has coily and big hair. But despite of the benefits they bring, there are some disadvantages to using them such as:

  • Product build-up
  • Adds weight to the hair- if a lot of products were put into hair each day especially for people who don’t wash their hair every single day
  • Styling products are mostly expensive

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We don’t want to feel uncomfortable and feel our hair so heavy, so it is necessary to let our hair rest. LET OUR  CURLS BREATHE

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So yeah, on my fourth week I only use diluted shampoo. Rinsed it thoroughly and put the leave-in conditioner but this time I let the conditioner sit for about 30 minutes. Finger-combed and squished it.

Finally, I rinsed it and used a diffuser to dry it.

I used the afro/hair pick to add volume. I have decided to make into big Afro hair.

That’s all for my 4-week Deep Con Routine Diary+

I hope you got some inputs and ideas on how to take care or your precious curls. You may follow me on my social media accounts.

Instagram: @inzayndrea05

Lyka: inzayndrea05

Before I end this, let us all remember that patience is key. If you are quite struggling taking care and maintaining your curls, just be patient and be open to different methods, tips, etc. and you will be surprised you are already getting what you want. You will get there eventually.

Let me give you some quotes to inspire you even more.

“I am a Queen crowned in my curls.” – Unknown

“Curly hair isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”  -Unknown

“Never let anyone dull your curls” -Unknown

“We don’t go natural, we return. “Natural” is where it began. – Unknown


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