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#DeepConDare: The Journey

We’re going to be honest here. 

The Deep Conditioner isn’t a miracle cream that would solve all your hair issues in a finger’s snap.  We honestly wish it was, but like most good things, beauty takes time.

But of course, we know sticking to a routine and making it a habit can be too much of a work 😩. So to encourage everyone more, we thought of a fun way to start it: the #DeepConDare 💚

What is the #DeepConDare?

In a nutshell, #DeepConDare is a challenge where you consistently use the Deep Con for 4 consecutive weeks. For each week, you take a selfie to flaunt the progress of your hair. 

if you've been following us on our socmed, you must have noticed the influx of stories with #DeepConDare.

Yep, that's them.

Over 50 curlies have joined us, and most of them have kept a determination in finishing the challenge.

Because pictures speak a thousand words, we’ll share with you some of the photos from Week 1 to Week 4 that our curlies took!




More than winning the Deep Conditioner items, the real trophy of this challenge is the fulfillment in seeing the results from a consistent routine! It's being able to tell yourself that you did it.

You did it.

As @igne.ria shares,

"Super happy😊. It was my first time to join this challenge that uplifted my confidence in showing to others the changes in my hair. I noticed that in the 4 weeks, my curls formed and became neater. They're no longer frizzy unlike before when I didn't use any gel."

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Many others echoed her thoughts, sharing how they noticed the improvement in their curls over the four weeks of consistent use. 

"My hair type is improving, and I really just need to be more consistent in using it dahil 10 years ko rin pinarebound ang hair ko, and now I am already getting back to the old me," @theartisturo_ shares. 

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Aside from being fulfilled, many also share that they feel more confident as they posted their progress, and it's giving them more motivation to keep being consistent even after the dare is over.

We are so, so proud of everyone who has joined and completed the dare! 


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