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#DeepConDare Wavy Diary by Angelyn

(Guest post by Angelyn Depaz)

Hey curlies, it's me Angelyn, and in this article, I'll walk you through my weekly Deep Con routine! 

Having curly hair is challenging yet exciting.  Since I have a low porosity hair, deep conditioning is a habit I keep every weekend to boost my hair's moisture. 



Why did I decide to use deepcon today?

 I decided to use deep con to boos my waves' moisture. I think that deep conditioning treatments gets you more moisture which means healthier hair! (Did I just say that? haha).

How do I deep condition my hair?

First, I cleansed my hair with Curls Shampoo. I applied it on my scalp and massaged it with a scalp brush to get rid of the dirt and flakes since it was my day 3 hair.  

Then I used Curls Deep Conditioner, together with a wide tooth comb, to detangle my hair. 

I sectioned my hair and tied it, as I soaked up to the top of my hair in the Deep Con to train my waves. I covered with a heat cap for 30 to 45 minutes.

After I rinsed, I squished (Squish to Condish) with Zenutrients' Aloe Vera Conditioner. I squished, squished, and squished, for 5 minutes so my hair is more hydrated.

With a cotton t-shirt, I plopped my hair after rinsing. 

What did I do aside using the Deep Con? 

My hair was well saturated after bath so I combed it with a curl defining brush,  applied a gel with the praying hands method and then squished it using the Neon Island Scarf Power Waves to form the waves as I scrunched and diffused.

Once my hair was 80% dry, my hair felt crunchy due to the gel so I scrunched out the crunch.

After the routine, I filmed a video all about hair accessories good for curly hair and I’m gonna upload it on Facebook and Instagram to help the curlies out there! (You can check out my IG page here)



Deep Con + Egg:

Having a low porosity curls means more moisture but sometimes, we need to balance our hair with protein not only to avoid moisture overload but also to strengthen our curls! So I decided to do a twist to my Deep Con Routine.

Why did I decide to use deepcon today?
I decided to deep con because my hair needed more strength. I also have something in mind so that my routine had more twist. So I did a DIY Egg + Deep Con mix!  

Egg is a great protein source and one of the most common ingredients in doing a DIY hair treatment. I decided to mix it with my Curls Deep Con. 


First, I prepared 1 egg and 2 scoops of Curls Deep Con. I separated the yolk from the egg white and mixed them with the Deep Con until they formed a  yellowish paste.

When the mixture was done, I sectioned my hair and applied the treatment from root to tips until it was saturated. I left it for 1 hour and used a shower cap.

After rinsing, I did used the Curls Conditioner and used S2C to squish it to my hair. Just squish, squish, and squish for 10 minutes until the hair is saturated with the conditioner and water. 

After wash routine

After plopping my hair, I combed with a wide tooth comb and used a continuous mist spray with water until my hair was soaking wet. I applied gel using praying hands method, scrunched until my hair formed its wave pattern, and let it rest for about 20 minutes before diffusing.

I noticed that my waves on my inner part has clamps compared before and since I added an egg, I believed that my waves have more strength than before.

When my routine was done, I did my modules and revised my thesis.


Wavy hair routine slightly differs from curly hair routine, since the texture is usually finer and tends to get weighed down if you are using heavy moisturizing products. So, I always try to keep my conditioner, deep conditioner and gels as light as possible.

Another important factor is frizz control! Wavy hair is prone to frizz and I have to take extra care when doing my haircare routine

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This week, I was training my waves for more clamps and wave pattern. The inner part of my hair 2a waves while the top of my hair is 2c. So, I think I REALLY need to train my waves.

 These are the following products I used for this routine:

  • Scalp brush massager
  • Curls by Zen Shampoo
  • Curls by Zen Deep Conditioner
  • Shower cap
  • Detangling brush

Before training, I clarified my hair with Curls Shampoo by applying the product on my scalp and using a scalp brush so the dirt and flakes on my scalp are removed better.

Wave Training Method

For this step, I applied my staple deep conditioner which is Curls. I formed a classic twist braid from inner part of my hair up to the roots. Then, I covered my hair with a shower cap and waited for 30 minutes.

Then, I did a 5-minute squish to condish method using Zenutrients Aloe vera Conditioner to hydrate my curls. 

My weekly routine

After my haircare routine, I took a simple selfie and went to the market to buy some groceries. 

PS: Remember to wear a facemask when going outside and practice social distancing.



Curly hair can be tricky.

I have always had really curly and unhealthy hair when I was a teenager but after I gave birth, I rebonded my hair and eventually got tired of it. I  realized that I should accept my curls. Hence, my discover of CGM.

As I practiced this method, realizing I actually had wavy hair, I will tell you this, DEEPCON is a must.

I wanted to boost my hair's moisture with a high-quality treatment so I used this Curls Deep Conditioner. 


First, I washed my hair with the gentle Curls shampoo and rinsed it completely. 

Then, I applied my staple deepcon product: the Curls Deep Conditioner. I scooped an ample amount from the top, about halfway down the shaft, moving towards the tips of my hair.

This time,  I paid special attention to my hair tips to prevent split ends, which I think needed an extra boost. I covered it with shower cap while applying heat with a hair dryer. This way, the product is absorbed into the hair more easily especially that I have low porosity hair. Then, I let the product set in  for 30-45 minutes .

After rinsing, I did my 5-minute squish to condish technique using Zenutrients Aloevera moisturizing conditioner then rinse, plop using cotton shirt, applied gel using raking method, squish until my waves are formed then diffused (I usedmy Xiaomi Soocas H5 hair diffuser.)

That's all for my 4-week Deep Con routine!

Always remember that haircare is a form of self-love and to the curlies or wavies out there, be confident. It will not only make you beautiful but also it radiates your confidence to others when you accept what is given to you.

You are beautiful whatever your hair type is!


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