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Do’s and Don’ts for Curly Hair Care


  • Use silk (in scrunchies, pillows, or headcaps)

Silk is a need for curly hair because the material prevents frizz and keeps moisture in curls. Unlike cotton, silk absorbs less moisture. Its smoothness is also a good thing because curls easily glide on it, so you don’t end up in messy and tangled curls. 

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  • Check ingredients

There’s a reason why so many curlies are very particular with what their hair products contain. It’s because the ingredients matter!

Some ingredients that you need to avoid are harsh sulfates and drying alcohol, most silicones, waxes and mineral oils. These ingredients dry the hair and cause build-up. To check if your products are curl-approved, you can visit ingredient checker sites like

  • Flaunt your curls!


Yasss! Go take that selfie. Go let your curls free. Go walk outside and let everyone see that beautiful crown!  


  • Wash hair with shampoo everyday (unless needed.)

Shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp and hair so its drying properties can’t be avoided. While using shampoo is important,  avoid washing your hair with it every single day. If you reall need to wash your hair everyday, you can instead use a conditioner with cleansing properties as co-wash. Co-wash means you use the conditioner to cleanse the scalp as an alternative to shampoo. 

  • Use regular towel in drying curls

Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Regular cotton towels tend to absorb moisture and are too harsh against the hair. 

  • Comparing yourself to others!

Because bodies are different for everyone, the same thing is true for curls. Progress looks different. No single routine works for all. Regardless of where you are now, and how long it takes, you are beautiful. Always remember that!

We hope our tips help you! Starting with CGM and don't know where to begin, you can check our complete guide here. 

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