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Curl Diary: Wavy Hair Routine by Alyza

Guest article by: Alyza Mae Blastique

Routine sounds like a lot of hard work for curly hair but in this (blog) I will show you that it is possible to keep things simple with the curly girl method. This is my week of wavy hair. You will see how my hair looks and what I do with it each day. 



Saturday is my wash day because I have extra time to give my hair extra love. First, I cleanse my scalp with a clarifying shampoo. After fully wetting my hair, I apply shampoo using my hands then I gently massage my scalp using a scalp brush for about 3-4 minutes. 

Then, I proceed to condition my hair. I apply a generous amount of deep conditioner to my damp hair, working in sections. I use an 8-row detangling brush to detangle my hair and spread the product, I make sure to start from the ends, all the way to the roots. Once my hair is saturated with deep conditioner, I cover my head with a plastic cap, and I allow my hair to soak in all the moisture for 30-45 minutes.

To fully moisturize my hair, I apply a bit of conditioner - enough for me to S2C. Then, I rinse it off. I make sure my scalp is free from products to avoid build-up.

While my hair is soaking wet, I apply leave-in conditioner using the "praying hands" method. I no longer apply gel; I think the leave-in itself is enough to seal in the moisture. Now that my hair is short, I found out that finger coiling is essential for me. Also, root clipping small rings of hair on top of my head help me achieve the volume that I want.

I spent less than an hour on wash days, not including waiting for the deep conditioner and air ‘dry time because I do other things.



This is my day 2 hair. A satin head cap helped my waves to be preserved after wash day. So, usually, I do not have to do anything other than fixing the part and scrunching it up a bit. 

 Due to tossing and turning during nighttime, sometimes I find big clumps of curls, so what I do is, I simply separate them one by one. It does not take much of my time, a good 2 minutes of styling is enough.

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I start my week by reviving my waves. I use a spray bottle to wet my hair, and then I scrunch in some leave-in conditioner. I use root clips to set some curls on top of my head. This will hide my frizz and will give me more volume. I air dry for 30-45 minutes, remove the root clips, and scrunch my hair a little bit. 

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I spent less than 10 minutes, not counting the air-dry time since I was not touching my hair the entire time.



Tuesday's hair routine is usually no different than Sunday’s. But today, I had to leave the house and it is hot outside. Instead of just refreshing using a spray bottle, I wash my hair in the shower and use conditioner from curls by Zenutrients. I am not a fan of co-washing so I just apply the conditioner on the ends of my hair then I do S2C. Since I will be tying my hair in a ponytail, I did not apply any stylers, I just let it air dry while I get ready. 

I spent 5-10 minutes squishing my hair in the shower, and less than a minute putting my hair in a ponytail.



In the middle of the week, I wash my hair again. I follow all the steps I mentioned on Saturday, except I do not deep condition. Since it is too hot lately, I like to do a midweek wash to have that fresh feeling and to remove the products and dust trapped in my hair from all the activities I did the previous days.

I apply leave-in conditioner using the praying hands technique then I use a curl-defining brush to spread the product and form curl patterns. I skip finger coiling since I do not have much time today. I then let my hair air dry for the rest of the day.



The same with Sunday, I did not do much with my hair. After waking up, I remove the satin head cap, fix the part, and scrunch it up a bit. I do not add any stylers nor finger coil my hair unless I have meetings.


Sometimes, I take this opportunity to experiment and style my hair. Since my waves are less defined these days, I braid my hair or put it into different hairstyles. Of course, when styling my hair, I still consider its health, I don’t use non-CGM products, and I don’t dry comb it.

Occasionally, I use rubber hair ties (sanrio) but most of the time I use hair ties that are made from silk and satin materials to avoid tangled hair and breakage.

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