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Tips to Maintain Curls Between Wash Days

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So you spent almost three hours to wash, condition, plop, diffuse, and style your curls and they turned out looking bomb and on fleek whole day.

But the next day, you woke up to a tangled, frizzy, and weirdly-clumped mess that is your hair. Your curls decided it's a bad hair day and you suddenly wish you could just wash your hair again. But let's face it-- not only is it a long routine, it's also a big no-no for textured hair. 

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Don't worry because you don't have to wash your hair all over again. Here we list some tips and tricks to keep your hair looking amazing even after your wash day!

1. Satin Caps

Sleeping on cotton pillows is usually the culprit of morning frizz because cotton absorbs moisture from your hair. Protect your curls at night by wearing satin head caps to minimize friction and prevent breakage as well. 

2. Pineapple technique

Another way to protect your hair at night is doing the pineapple technique which is tying your hair high up in a loose ponytail which resembles, of course, a pineapple. Doing this also preserves your curls and keeps it from being all over the place in the morning.

2. Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Mix water and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle. Then, spritz the mixture to your curls, until they're wet enough and don't dry straight away. 

3. Gels

You can also apply gel after using the leave-in conditioner spray. Rub a small amount of gel on your palms and scrunch with your curls. Let it air dry or use a diffuser in cool setting. 

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4. Finger Coil

Another option to minimize frizz and keep your curls bouncy is to finger coil. Finger coil is done by grouping your hair into small sections and twirling them around your finger. You can spritz water on your curls before doing this.

Try these tips and check which works for you! Some may find that spraying water causes them to have more frizz while others prefer completely soaking their hair. It is important to remember that your hair already has products in it so keep the balance between re-activating these products and not causing too much build-up. 

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