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How-To: Starter Set with Silk Scarf

Hey curlies!  

Starting your curl journey? Congrats, that's already something to be proud for!

The first step to embarking on this journey is, of course, learning the basics. In this case, the use of shampoo and conditioner on your wash routine


Our Curls Shampoo is a sulfate, paraben, protein and silicone-free low foam wash that gently cleans your curls and scalp. 

Good for all curl types, our shampoo is infused with avocado that is rich in Vitamin E, C, and A and tea tree oil that helps with hair issues and damage. Because our shampoo doesn’t contain sulfates, it won’t dry out your curls! It also has a fresh, and mild, natural scent!

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To use, wet hair completely then massage the shampoo into the scalp to remove dirt and build-up. You may also use a scalp brush in applying the product better. 



Our Curls Conditioner is a sulfate, paraben, protein and silicone-free conditioner that moisturizes curls and can even be used for co-washing (co-washing is using the conditioner to cleanse the scalp instead of shampoo).

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Like our shampoo, our conditioner is infused with avocado that is rich in Vitamin E, C, and A, and tea tree oil that helps with various hair issues.

Good for all curl types, it also helps thoroughly cleanse hair strands without overwhelming them and creating bitterness which makes it suitable for every hair type!

To use our conditioner, apply a generous amount to ends and work towards the root. You may also do the S2C (Squish to Condish: where you squish in your curls as you apply conditioner so it helps with defining the curls and preventing frizzy.)

Knowing the basics doesn't mean you can't go extra!  We're including a Silk Scarf in this set because this is an all-around curl tool. 


Silk Scarf

Protect your curls from frizz and damage using our curl-designed silk scarves. Silk is beneficial for curly hair for many reasons. Unlike cotton, silk doesn't absorb too much moisture from your hair so it keeps your curls moisturized.


Silk scarf is multi-functional too!  You can style it in different ways. Wear it as a bandana, a head wrap, or a hair tie. Check out our lookbook to see how our curlies wore it in different ways. 

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