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How To: Styling Set with Silk Scarf!

Leave-In Conditioner is a great addition to your hair routine!

Not only does it provide extra moisture, it also keeps the curls defined and protected even after your wash routine. Need guide how to use our Avocado and Tea-Tree Protein-Free Leave-In Conditioner?

Look no further!

How to use: Leave-In

After your wash routine with shampoo and/or conditioner, take an ample amount of leave-in and apply to your curls while it is wet or damp. Distribute evenly with your palms or fingers.

Most of our curl friends also apply a styling gel right after they use the leave-in. You may use any gel as long as they are curl-approved!

We hope this article helps you in using our leave-in conditioner. For more tips and information on our other products, you may check out our other blog posts.

Silk Scarf

You can never go wrong with adding more protection! Protect your curls from frizz and damage using our curl-designed silk scarves 

Silk is beneficial for curly hair for a ton of ways. Silk is a must-have material because it keeps curls moisturized. 

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You can style the scarf in different ways! Wear it as a bandana or a head wrap! This multi-function piece can even be used as a fashion accessory. How amazing is that? 

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