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Benefits and How-to-Use: Leave-In Conditioner

You might be wondering, what’s a leave-in conditioner and how is it different from your regular conditioner? As the name suggests, a leave-in conditioner stays in the hair and is not meant to be washed out.

The leave-in conditioner is here to provide a sprinkle of extra love to your hair. After all, there are lots of things that we encounter every day that affect our curls and may cause damage, even right after our wash routine!

The pollution, summer heat and humidity, and people touching your hair (yikes)— these things can ruin a good hair day.

Worry not because our leave-in conditioner is meant to give that additional care for your curls. 

Our product is specially formulated to help reduce frizz, give more moisture, and protect your curls from damage. 


After your wash routine with shampoo and/or conditioner, take an ample amount of leave-in and apply to your curls while it is wet or damp. Distribute evenly with your palms or fingers.



You may also detangle and scrunch the product in while applying! No need to rinse.



Most of our curl friends also apply a styling gel right after they use the leave-in. You may use any gel as long as they are curl-approved!

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Start owning your curl power and use the best products for your curls. Don't know where to begin? You can take our curl type quiz and read our full guide on the Curly Girl Method 💫

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