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Curl Care Diary: Weekly Routine by Jayced

Hey, everyone! It’s your Palaweña curly girl, Jayced! 

If you’re wondering how us curly girls do our daily routine, I’ll tell you mine.

For context, I have low porosity hair, a 2b-2c curl pattern and I usually do my wash day routine during Sundays. Since only hard water is available in our area, I do apple cider vinegar or ACV wash for clarifying. I then use my Curls by Zenutrients Deep Conditioner, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and a gel. 

As for my daily routine, it has two categories: refresh and co-wash day. I always wake up at 5:00 in the morning. After I wash my face and do some stretching, it’s time for me to gather the things I need for my daily curl care.


I do this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


First, I put purified water and 3-4 pumps of Curls by Zenutrients Protein-Free Conditioner in a spray bottle and then shake it.



Using hair clamps, I then section my hair into four parts. Afterward, I spray the water-conditioner solution to each section, starting from ends to roots. When my hair is wet enough, I then put a good amount of leave-in conditioner and apply it using the praying hands method.

After that, I put on a gel and apply it through scrunching. I find it easier for my curls to clump beautifully when I do scrunching rather than brushing. Lastly, I plop my hair using a microfiber towel and do the rest of my morning preparations for work.

Before Vs. After Leave-In:

Co-wash Day:

I do this every Tuesday and Thursday.

After I wet my hair with water, I apply a protein conditioner for co-washing. Using a scalp massager is a great way to eliminate the possibility of accumulating dandruff. After rinsing it thoroughly, I then use Curls by Zenutrients Protein-Free Conditioner for detangling and S2C by doing the palanggana method. Next, I rinse my hair with purified water and remove excessive amounts of it.

After getting rid of the excess water, I then put leave-in conditioner  using the praying hands method followed by gel through glazing and scrunching it into my curls. Lastly, I plop my hair using a microfiber towel and do the rest of my morning preparations for work.

After my routine, I am now ready to dress up and commute to my office. But remember—caring for your curls doesn’t end once you finish your routine at home. 

Hence, the first thing I do when I get to our office is put sunflower oil in my hair. As far as I know, oils aren’t CGA. But in my experience, it significantly helped in maintaining my hair’s healthy and shiny look.

With my routine done, I am now ready to rock my office job! 



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