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What's your curl type?

Hey curlies! Finding out your curl type is VERY important.

Everyone’s hair is different and knowing what your hair needs is the first step in taking proper care (and kudos to you for taking that step 💚)

While each of us has different curl types, it is also important to remember that we may have a mix of curl types, which means, even our strands may differ in patterns. And that is perfectly normal, don’t worry!

To know your curl type, you can take this quiz:


...or read through to learn what each type means. 

A simple breakdown

  • Type 1s are straight
  • Type 2s are wavy
  • Type 3s are curly
  • Type 4s are coily

Type 2 to Type 4 hair are often referred to as textured hair, and each of these types are categorized into three more sub-types from A to C. 

The sub-classifications of A to C are based on the width or diameter of the wave, curl, or coil pattern. Type As have a wider pattern size, Type Bs medium, and Type Cs the smallest of the three. 


Wavy hair tends to be straight when wet and ripples as it dries. It differs from curly hair in its inability to form swirls or twists that wrap around themselves. 

Hair Type


Recommendations and products to use


Fine, barely-there texture that’s easy to straighten. Hair is straight at the crown and creases toward the end. People with this type have to be wary of using heavy styling products that can easily weigh their strands down, making them limp and lifeless.

Airy, water-based mousse to add volume, avoid rich creams (can flatten the curl by weighing it down)

Leave-in Conditioner to define waves


2B hair is flatter at the crown with large, more defined S-shaped waves starting from the midlength.  Strands are usually thicker in diameter than 2A. It also tends to be frizzier than 2A.


Sea salt hairspray, lightly formulated leave-in conditioners, anti-frizz serums



2C waves are thick and more susceptible to frizzing. 

The S-shape is well-defined and begins from the roots. Though this looks closer  to a typical curly hair, the 2C type does not form springs. 

Sulfate-free co-wash so as not to strip essential moisture from strands, layering a leave-in conditioner under a mousse

Hair serums


Curly hair types have spring-like curls and corkscrew shapes. When hair is wet, curls usually appear like waves but they take on a sort of 3-d shape as they dry.  

Hair Type


Recommendations and products to use


3A are stretched spirals of loose curls that are large in diameter and they roll down from the crown. They tend to be shiny and not coarse to touch.

Curl refresher, leave-in conditioner

 light styling creams


3B has springy ringlets and these spirals appear full by bouncing off each other.

Anti-frizz serum and oils

Deep conditioner


3C curls are tight corkscrews, smaller springs, that have small circumference. Compared to 3b, they are more tightly packed and even borderline coily. 

They can vary from precisely defined to loose helixes.


Sulfate-free, gentle shampoo


Coily hair type can have either a tight zigzag pattern that doesn’t twist around itself or tight s-shaped curls. It is very dry and spongy in texture and can be soft and fine or coarse and wiry. It can also incorporate the two shapes. Type 4 curls can shrink when dried.

Hair Type


Recommendations and products to use


4A has dense springy, S-patterned coils that are  sequenced into looped, tight rings, and have very small circumference

Curling cream, leave in moisturizer


This type is densely packed and can bend in sharp angles  (imagine the letter Z) and is often accompanied by compressed and s-shape coils

leave in conditioner, gentle shampoo



This type is the most fragile. The very tight zig-zag shape is sometimes indiscernible to the eye. This hair type also experiences the greatest amount of shrinkage (75% or more) than other types.

leave in moisturizer, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, deep conditioner

While the recommendations are for the different types of products, it is still up to you what routine works for your hair and what mix of products are best.

All our products are good for any curl type! Comment down what routine works for your curl type 💚

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