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LEAVE CURLS NAKED (and other summer hair tips you should know!)

Hot girl summer season is here! 🌞💋

We know, we know. Beach hair is all fun and games until frizz ruins your perfect vacation selfies.  

That’s why we’re here to help you. It’s also important to know proper curl care to get your curls ready for the summer! Here are three curl care tips from our ambassadors Gae, Nica, and Pawi 💚: 

Tip #1 by Gae: Deep Condition and Leave Curls Naked!

Gae Beltran Curly Hair

I apply Curls by Zenutrients Deep Conditioner for 30-45 minutes the night before I go to the beach or swimming pools to protect my hair from saltwater, chlorine, and sun heat.

After that, I don't use any stylers and leave my curls naked. Or sometimes I put it into a low bun using a telephone cord ponytail. I used to wear a swim cap to protect my curls, but now, deep conditioning the night before swimming is essential! I'm not that conscious with my hair while swimming and just enjoy the experience.

After swimming, I use a clarifying shampoo or sometimes do an Apple Cider Vinegar wash where I mix ACV with water and use it to rinse my hair and follow it with a protein-free conditioner, such as Curls by Zenutrients Conditioner and squish to condish and rinse after 5 minutes.

After that, I restore moisture with Curls by Zenutrients Leave in conditioner + plus it's good for reducing frizz after a beach day! I finish it with Zenutrients Argan Oil-Around when it's completely dry for scrunching out the crunch. And I'm back with moisturized curls!

Swimming does not necessitate perfect curls -- just enjoy your summer!”

Tip #2 by Nica: Head scarves! 

Jenica Luarca Curls Curly Hair

“Usually our hair is prone to drying especially symmer season. What I do is: 

I always make it a point to bring my DIY Spray (just a mix of leave-in condish & water) to maintain the moisture of my hair.

I always use silk ponytails & headscarves to avoid frizz.

Once or even twice a week, I treat my hair with a deep conditioner. Hydration is the key! 

I always seal my hair with leave-in conditioner or mousse or oils.

Since it's summer, I limit the use of blow-drying to avoid frizz and breakage. I just let it air dry”

Tip #3 by Pawi: 

Pawi Curls Tips Curly Hair

“I prepare spray bottle with water and conditioner. I spray it before I swim and everytime na a-ahon ako sa pool/beach to keep moisture and avoid damage sa curls.

Spray Bottle for Curly Hair

Before and after swimming, I use deep conditioner to treat my curls.

We hope these tips help you, curlies! Enjoy your hot girl summer! 🌞💋

For other curl care routine, you could try, check out our CGM Beginner Guide and Tips to Avoid Frizz for Curly Hair!

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