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How to Recycle Bottles

Finding piles of plastic bottles at home? Aside from giving them to recycling and upcycling organizations like The PLAF, there are different ways you can recycle plastic for use at home.

Here we list 3 types of items you can make with our Curls bottles:

1. Mobile Charger Basket

This one is very useful especially if you have sockets that are placed too high up on the wall and you want your phones protected while being charged.

Since the Curls bottles are wide enough, they can fit most phones. 

How to do it:

  1. Clean and sanitize the bottle
  2. Mark an opening at the front, and extend the line towards the back and draw into a curve
  3. Trace an opening at the back where the charger can fit
  4. Cut along the lines you traced and marked
  5. Sand the edges so it won’t be a hazard

And ta-da! You have your new phone holder to enjoy.

You can also watch tutorials in Youtube like this one: 

2. Plant Vase

If you’re a plantita, this is the perfect one to add to your collection. Vases are also the easiest to make so you can worry less about the hassle!

How to do it:

  1. Cut the bottle in half (or ⅔)
  2. With your scissors, add holes to the bottom for drainage
  3. Repot your plant.


You can also paint it or design it with anything you want! If you want a hanging pot, you can also do this by punching holes at each side of the pot and putting strings in it. 

 3. Kitchen Storage Containers

Running out of kitchen containers? You don't need to head straight to the stores because plastic bottles will do the same.  By simply cutting the the Curls bottle into half (or ⅔), you can store items like toothbrush, keys, scissors, and other small utensils. 


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