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Loving the self, according to our curl friends

When we think about love, most of the time, we think about the grand things.

The moons hovering in the sky. The twinkling stars. The fairytales from our childhood with the blonde knights in a shining armor kissing a half-dead princess back to life.

A bit outdated and exaggerated-- but you get the idea. 

We often overlook the fact that sometimes, love begins from the smallest things. And most often than we realize, it begins within us. 

In this article, we asked our curl friends what ways that they have showed love and appreciation for themselves. Here are the answers we got (and we hope you get inspired as much as we are!):

  1. A good book

Reading is an exercise of the mind. Kathee here shares that recently, she has purchased books for herself to keep her brain nourished.

“If there is one life-changing thing this pandemic has done for me, it’s reviving my passion for reading, which had been a luxury when work and motherhood kicked in. Like all of us at the start of lockdown, I too had my fair share of struggles that left me languishing and crying, but reading has somehow eased the burden. I detoxify my mind from all the things I read in socmed by reading a chapter or two at the end of the day. And though travels have been restricted, through the pages of the books I read, I am being transported to a different realm where covid doesn’t exist.

In 2020, I finished 22 books, a feat I could never achieve pre-covid." 

She also recommends a historical fiction titled “The Vanishing Half”  by Brit Bennett, a book that explores themes, she says, family to white privilege.

  1. Treats to self

Many of us feel guilty when we buy things for ourselves but there's nothing wrong with it, right? We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then! (Hello, retail therapy 😂)

Our curl friend Gil shares that buying coffee from her favorite cafe helps her make through the day. 

“Once I take my first sip, suddenly I'm productive. At the same time, it helps me relax from stressful things—I live for the moments that I get to chill with my friends/fam over a cup of coffee, stress-free from anything.”

 Meanwhile, Danielle also shares how she gifts herself with tea. "I bought myself tea... I love it cause it tastes really good and contains just the right amount of caffeine."

Another curlie, Nadine, has excitedly told us that she bought herself new shoes to celebrate her graduating status! 

"I bought a new pair just a reward for myself after stressful acads!"


  1. Self-growth and breaks

Love is growth too. Abbie shares that she ✨manifests✨ self-love by focusing on self-growth. She says that she makes sure to live her life with a grateful heart.

Like her, our curl friend Andrea also shares that she does her best every day. 

Focusing on self-growth isn’t just about working hard! Taking breaks is important too. Andrea says that once in a while, she takes time to give herself a break. 

“In the office I really make it a point to take a nap during lunch breaks. No matter how busy the day is, a nap is a really good way to recharge and let the brain take a breather with all the work I have to do. 

When I go home naman, I always drink a hot cup of tea or cocoa to kind of reward myself for a job well done at work. Or if my work day didn't go as planned, it's a consolation for myself and a reminder that I can do better the next day and that I should take it easy on myself. To cap off the day, I have a night time ritual that would be my skincare routine," Andrea says.

  1. Embracing the self (and the curls!)

Loving yourself starts first with embracing who you are.

To our curl friends, a way of them of showing that is taking proper care of their curls. Both curlies Cheyenne and Kai share to us that embracing their curls is how they appreciated themselves. 

According to Kai, "the thing I did recently to appreciate myself is to] embrace myself and my curls!"  Yas, girl!

"I did my big chop in December 2020. Now, I'm embracing my natural curly hair!," Cheyenne shares.

Freedom also tells us, "Growing up, I was often teased for having curly hair, I was called names and even bullied for it. I did not really hate my curls but as I grew up, other people made me think that having straight hair is the standard and it really made me insecure about my appearance. Having experienced all that really took a toll on my self-esteem and even until now I still struggle with it sometimes. Eventually, I learned to love my curls because, well, I just decided that I don't want to care about other people's opinion on my hair, or my body anymore and I won't let it affect me." 

We hope these tips, from small steps like reading a book to big ones like starting CGM inspire you to carve your own path to the self-love journey!

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