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Self-Love Tips: Get to know our team!

Hey curlies! In our last blog article, we asked you what self-love practices you recently did to show appreciation for yourselves. 

This time, we are giving you more tips straight from some of the people behind Curls by Zenutrients! 

We’ll tell you our favorite trait, our self-love ways, and recommendations like books, movies, or music!

Get to know us and we hope we also get to inspire you.

  •   Positive attitude:  Angela, President

Self-love practice: Even pre pandemic I would workout, but since quarantine started (so yes a year ago!) I work out with HIIT 5x a week, no fail. I do it for sanity. And now trying to sneak in 3x a week yoga too. My other weird self care thing is cooking. I cook almost everyday, I like trying new recipes.

Music: Harry Styles, Chicane, Elton John, U2, Florence and the Machine. Yes my music makes no sense.
Books: Just finished Fifty Words for Rain, Eat a Peach, Interior Chinatown

  • Empathy: Nadine, Assistant Brand Manager

Self-love practice: I listen to self-help podcasts (Adulting with Joyce Pring and Trying Hard with Lyqa Maravilla are my faves!) I also sometimes write out my thoughts in a journal and when needed, I take guiltless breaks.

Recommendations:  Eraserheads- With A Smile 

  • Self-Improvement: Gian, Customer Service Operations

Self-love practice: I have committed to working out regularly and started really paying attention to what my body needs. We all need that self-love!

Recommendations: Slow Dancing by Aly and Aj

  • Resilience: Joanna, Head of E-commerce

Self-love practice: I started working out again but this time for healthier reasons - for fitness and serotonin! 

Recommendations: "Yellow Of The Sun" and "Drive and Disconnect" by Nao

  • Compassion   Thea, Key Account Executive

Self-love practice: At the start of the year, I promised myself to live by the motto “A healthier 2021.” Essentially, I promised myself to be more mindful about my actions, emotions, and mental state. I try to listen to what my mind, body, and heart has to say and act accordingly. 

Recommendations: One of my go-to movies is definitely Legally Blonde. Aside from the cute outfits Elle Woods shows off in the movie, the reason why this is an absolute fave when it comes to self-love is because it reminds me to be confident in myself and proud of who I am. 

Song: Mikrokosmos by BTS. This is definitely one of my go to songs when I need a boost. It reminds me that sometimes you fall and everything may seem dark, but that’s when you can shine the brightest.

  • Kindness: Christel, Brand Manager

Self-love practice: Daily exercise and massage

Recommendations: My everyday morning song is Touch the Sky by Hillsong, Book - The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

  1.     Thoughtfulness: Janine,Jr. E-commerce Manager

Self-love practice: I allow myself to do anything I want or feel like doing! If I want to be lazy and stay in bed, I will. If I want to walk outside, I will. If there’s something I want to eat / am craving for, I will order it and eat!

Recommendations: Books: I decided to live as me! - such a good book that reminds you that your life is your own and you should compare yourself, your interests, your progress to others. It really does show you much there is about yourself to love. 

Song: The most beautiful girl in the world - Prince. The song is not necessarily about self love but listening to it always make me GV and feel pretty / the most beautiful girl in the world HAHA

  • Pinky, Key Account Executive

Self-love practice: I've always been more on the girly side of the spectrum (however broad that is) and in recent time I've been taking special care of pampering myself through self care and at-home grooming I picked up on the internet! It helps me feel put together and more confident in myself. As for my mental health, I've recently tried to eradicate the habit of complaining. 

Recommendations: Obstacle Is The Way has been my go to book for a lot of things. If you want a quick read, The Daily Stoic is a good one as well. I've also always been a die hard fan of Taylor Swift so her newly released remake of her old albums has really been a good source of happiness for me.

Remember curlies, love begins from an understanding within.

For other tips, check out also our other self-love and self-care routine from our curlfriends here.

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