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Silk Scarves: Designed for You

Our newest collaboration is here! 

We are celebrating with Neon Island for exclusively designed and produced Silk Scarves!

Storytime: when we thought of collaborating for this project, we had this one thought, why are we doing this? 

It has been one year since the Curls line was introduced. Before the brand was born, we already had curly girls and guys talking about Zenutrients. The brand was mentioned and included in the conversations. We were starting to realize how important this community was, and still is!

Back then we thought, the curls community deserves its own space.

So we wanted to make a range of products that are especially made for curly hair! Yes that’s right, not to sound cheesy but we had you in mind while we were doing this.  

To celebrate our first anniversary, we wanted to do something even more special. 

And Neon Island was the perfect partner for us.

Not only do they make really stylist, A+ clothes, Neon Island also has the advocacy as us-- self-love and body positivity! What we love about their brand is that they work with local artisans and use the best quality of material for their hand drawn prints. 

In this case, it’s silk.

Silk is the curlie's BFF (see here why!) and we all know how important silk is. That’s how we came up with the idea of having a silk scarf. 

The scarves aren't just the best thing about this collaboration. The scarves are also products of their amazing talent! Chi and Aira from Neon Island were the hearts behind the designs. Chi herself illustrated these designs. Check out her BTS here:




When we asked for the design, we told them that this was for our curl friends. This would be for the ones who have, for a long time, hated their curls.

So the designs that Neon Island came up with were purely inspired by the passion within the curl community.

Chi says, “Aira and I read a lot of your stories. I think that sense of community and passion behind curly girls are what inspired us. We want to create something fun and vibrant that reflects the sense of the community.”

Aira says that she loves how this collaboration also allowed her to get to know the community better and what their needs are. To the ones who doubt themselves, this is what she has to say:

You are created uniquely for a purpose and you have to celebrate it.”

Check out these designed Silk Scarves exclusively here on our website! You can also avail these scarves with sets of our products for bigger discounts! 



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