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The Smaster's Method

Most people apply hair gels when their curls are still wet. There is however a less popular, yet useful, technique that advises you to wait until your curls are 50% dried before adding curl enhancers, such as a styling gel.

This is called the Smaster's Method, created by a user named Smasters467 in a curl community forum.

This is a pretty simple technique and doesn't require extra products. After doing your usual routine (shampoo, conditioner or deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner), let your curls air dry or dry it using a diffuser in medium to low heat. If your curls are tighter, use the diffuser in cool settings.





Once your hair is halfway dry, that's when you scrunch your gel in. It's important to remember to wet your hands first so you can avoid frizz. You can also add more gel than you normally use, for better hold.

        Before Smaster's Method Philippines     After Smaster's Method

(Photos: Before and After Smaster's Method)

You'd be surprised at how much a change in a single step makes a difference!

This technique promises to give your curls better definition, especially if you have loose waves or curls. It also claims to help hair become more frizz-free. Let us know if this works for you!


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