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Things You Didn’t Know About Curly Hair

It seems like there is a growing list of things we didn’t know about curly hair! 

And guess what? We’re gonna add more to that list. 🤔

Curly hair shrinks 

Curls can shrink

Hair shrinkage is when our curls shrink from a longer, stretched-out form to a tighter, more compressed coil. We know what you’re thinking–hair shrinkage does NOT change your curl pattern. It’s natural for each strand to contract when our hair dries or loses moisture (Source: Carol’s Daughter). 

Stress causes frizz

Stress causes frizzy hair

When we’re stressed, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. The stress hormone makes our hair follicles swell and shrink making it vulnerable to damage. As a result, it slows down the production of natural oils which makes our curly hair fragile and frizzy.

Shedding 100 hair strands a day is normal

Curly Hair Fall

Losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day is normal. So if you’re worried that you’re losing way too much hair, don’t worry! It’s part of our hair growth cycle where our hair grows then falls out eventually (Source: American Academy of Dematology Association).

Tip: If you’re still unsure whether your hairfall is excessive or not, consult a dermatologist. They can diagnose you and help you find out the possible causes of your hair fall

Curly hair isn’t always inherited

Curly Hair genetic

Did you know that humidity can make our hair curlier and frizzier? Turns out our DNA isn’t the only reason why we have curly hair! If you want to get all science-y, our hair becomes curlier because there are more water molecules in humid air. 

The water molecules are basically tiny magnets where one end is slightly positive and the other is slightly negative. When we’re in a humid environment, these tiny magnets pull our hair in different directions. This is why curly hair becomes curlier and frizzier (Source: The Tech Interactive). 

As the Philippines is an extremely humid country, our curls are prone to frizz. But don’t lose hope because we have 5 tips for you to avoid frizzy hair

There is so much to know about our curly hair. We hope that learning about how your curly hair reacts and the reasons behind it will help you better take care for your curls! 💚

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Do you know other mindblowing curly hair trivias? Share with us in the comments below! 

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