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What does Curl Power mean to you?

In our last Curl Power article, we explained what curl power is about. 

We said that it is not our voice, but yours. It’s about YOU embracing those curls and being the most confident as you do so.

Because it’s about you, we asked on our Instagram what Curl Power meant to you, our curl friends.  

In this blog post, we’re sharing with you the answers we got. 

To sum it up: curl power means confidence AND influence!

Curl Power for me is embracing and accepting the Hair that you have. Influence other curlies to love their hair too, and tell people how pretty and handsome we are. And being confident of our Lifetime CROWNS 🔥😍” 


“Curl power is the confidence I get from embracing my natural curly hair.” 


According to our curl friends, which we agree 100%, Curl Power isn’t just about what we hold within us. It’s also about how we bring others to share the same experience so that they, too, can be uplifted. 

“Curl power for me is to influence other curlies to embrace themselves too.” 


Your act of embracing your curls is the loudest message of confidence. You may not know it, but someone may have seen a photo of you, and thought to themselves, "if they can do it, I can too!" 

Keep being an inspiration, curlies! Wanna take it to the next level and be an ambassador of Curl Power?

Join our movement!

1. Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of your curls before and after you owned your #CurlPower and started taking care of your curls

2. Tag us (@curlnationbyzen), tag two curl friends, and use the hashtag #CurlPower

The ones with the most interesting entries get to be a Curl Power ambassador and have their own headshots (as seen in this article).

You will also get other perks like a FREE starter set and your own discount codes! Don't miss this one curlies.💚

Start sharing your curl power with the best products for your curl sisters and brothers! You can also check out our curl type quiz and read our full guide on the Curly Girl Method. 

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