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What is Curl Love?

The season of love is here, and while bouquets of red roses are the first things that come to mind, Valentine's doesn't always mean romantic!

Love comes in many forms. We get it from the ones who make our hearts flutter. We get it from the ones we go home to at the end of the day. We get it from the ones who are always just a call away.

But there's a certain kind of love that doesn't come from anyone else other than us. 


Self-love also comes in many ways, one of which is the way we see and accept ourselves. Your curly girl journey to self-love most likely involves a struggle in accepting and being confident with how your curls appear, especially to others. Because growing up in a society that considers curls as "unusual" or "ugly," loving your curls is an experience that's often more of a trial than an easy feat.

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For this blog, we asked our curl friends to tell us what they think "curl love" means. 

Curl Love is the acceptance of the fact that being different is beautiful.”-  Althea


“Curl love is freedom. I don’t need to be bound by ideals that do not fit me, I don’t need to change myself just to feel beautiful and enough.” – Iberette



“Curl is a crown that makes us beautiful, confident, and bold. That makes us unique.”

- MJ

“Curl love means embracing and taking care of one’s self."


"Curl love is a form of self-love and appreciation of my past self for never believing all the people who teased me for being unique."




"Curl love is to naturally let your hair flow and take care of it properly."


For our curl friends, curl love means acceptance, confidence, freedom and care. 

How about you? What do you think curl love means? Share with us in the comments! Catch also our curl friends live on our Facebook page on Saturday, February 13 for a fun, heart to heart talk about their journey to loving their curls!


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