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What is the Laura Routine?

If strict Curly Girl Method doesn't work for you and you've been plowing the internet for hours looking for other methods, you've probably heard about the Laura routine. It's not exactly the most popular routine out there, but many curlies swear by this method, and it's being recommended for those with limp or frizzy curls. 

So what is it exactly?

In a nutshell, Laura Routine by Laura Smith means applying unusually large amount of products on your hair. We know this might freak you out (hello hydral fatigue), but when done right, this trick promises to get rid of frizz and moisturize your curls. 

Here are the steps to Laura Routine:

  1. Co-wash and massage your curls with a curl-approved conditioner
  2. After washing, douse wet hair with about 2-4 handfuls of Leave-In Conditioner. Coat hair in conditioner the way you would in gel, with praying hands technique, then with rake and shake technique.
  3. Plop and cover your curls with with t-shirt and leave it for half an hour.
  4. Do a bit of scrunching, but not too much
  5. Use a generous amount of styling gel (yes, seriously, we mean a lot of it) with praying hands technique.
  6. Diffuse your curls upside down.
  7. SOTC (Scrunch out the crunch). SOTC means scrunching out your curls to remove the gel cast. 
  8. Wear your curls in buff at night to protect it from frizz. 

You can watch this video from Laura Smith herself on how exactly she does this routine! Have you tried this routine already? Let us know in the comments!


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