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What makes you a proud Filipino?

Happy Independence day, Philippines!

Today marks our 123rd Independence as a country. This day is all about celebrating our pride and freedom. 

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Last week we asked our Curlies the question, “what makes you a proud Filipino?” All the answers are inspiring and show how powerful it is when we raise our chin high and proudly call ourselves Filipinos.

Here are some of the statements that we got from our curl friends! 

They believe that as Filipinos, we should be proud of our roots. From our color, to our culture, our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful.  

“I am a proud Pinay because of the Filipino culture -- my roots are beautiful, just like how my hair's roots are.” - Marcie

“I am a proud Pinay because Filipinos are known to be hospitable. We accept everyone with open arms regardless of gender, religion or race.” - Jean

“I am proud pinay because I love my morena color and am still a cheerful person despite my problems.” - MJ

"I am a proud Filipino because we are inherently hospitable and always so helpful. I am a proud Filipino because we are inherently strong and resilient." - Miel

“I’m a proud Pinay because anywhere in the world, we carry with us our culture and our beliefs and values are forever embedded in our system.” - Gil

“I am a proud Pinay because the morena color of a Filipina makes us unique and every Filipina is attractive because of the way they carry themselves.” - Beatrice

“I am a proud Pinay because of my color, my innate unique wavy curly hair from my dad and grandma, my identity, my culture, my education, my strong faith in God, and my rearing. Life is challenging during this time of the pandemic season, but my being alive, healthy, joyful, thankful, and optimistic surpass them all. It is by grace and through faith alone I shall live.” - Divina

“I am a proud Pinay because I embrace my Filipino features.” - Gae

“I am proud to be Pinay because Filipinos are known for being generous and helpful to others.” - Cheyenne

Other than our culture and traits, our Curlies also believe that being a proud Filipino means seeing the beauty in our country and fellow countrymen. We Filipinos are known for being brave when it comes to facing challenges.

“I am proud to be Pinay because of our rich culture and breathtaking sceneries.” - Dei

"I am a proud Pinay because we're currently living in a society where the previous “no-nos” are slowly becoming accepted as social norms. Although some people remain traditional or conventional, the eccentric have now become braver to do whatever they want without having to think about the judgement that may come at them because SELF LOVE is FREEDOM! I'm a proud curly, body positive, self loving and unique chinitang Pinay, and no one can take that away from me! ❤"  - Andrea

“I am a Proud Pinay because of how beautiful and magical the Philippines is. If we put our minds to it, the creative potential of a Filipino is unstoppable.” - Tiff

“I am a proud Pinoy/Pinay because just like any other Pinay I am strong & always ready to face any life challenges with positivity & a sweet smile.” - Annie

“I am a proud pinay because I can create something out of the nothingness around me and make it beneficial towards my interests and towards other people.” - Gyra

“I'm a proud Pinay because I'm an empowered woman who's not afraid to break the social norms by setting my own standard of beauty & success to become the best version of myself.♥️” - Mau

And of course, we cannot forget the real reason why we are celebrating our independence today. We recognize the heroism of those who helped shape our country, and influenced our identity today.

“I am a proud Pinay because I am blessed to live my life today free from colonizers, all thanks to our brave fallen heroes.” - Jayced

“I am a proud Pinay because my heritage molded me to become a strong and independent woman.” - Mariel

“I am proud Pinay because I love this imperfect yet love worthy identity. I  wholeheartedly accept who and what I am.” - Honeybee


Despite the crisis we are experiencing right now, let us have this moment to remember our roots and history. Let's strive to be the heroes for our people. Let's celebrate our independence, nationality, and unique culture as Filipinos! 

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