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Where to find Curl Communities

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Hey curlies!

Kicking off a journey is always better with helping hands. If you're lost right now and unsure on what to do as you explore the universe of curl care, you're not alone. 

In fact, there are communities out there that are very specific to curls. 

These are groups that can provide support so you don't have to google every questions. These groups make it possible for you to meet and ask real curlies for their experiences. 

Of course, joining these groups aren't just fun. They're also really helpful for sharing experiences and taking inspirations in finding the right routine and products. 

In this article, we list down some of the online communities you can easily find in social media:


1. Curly Girls Philippines

First on our list is the Curly Girls Philippines, which is probably the biggest community of Filipinas who practice the Curly Girl Method

Known as CGPH, they are an online support community committed to educating curlies on Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Method. When you join the group, you’ll find a ton of posts about curly girls sharing their experiences and results with the said method.

There are also helpful tabs and units on the how-tos of CGM! 

You can join the group here:


2. Curlmmunity PH 

Curlmmunity PH (A community where all curls are perfect) is another Facebook community for our curly kababayan. 

The group is open to all curly haired Filipinos who practice any routine, CGM or not. 

Created last 2019, the group is also growing large as they've reached about 32k members now.

Here is the link to the group: 

3. Curly Pilipinas- Modified CGM


Curly Pilipinas- Modified CGM, created just last year, is now at 6,000 members. It's called Modified CGM because this group is for anyone who finds that practicing CGM with some little changes actually work for their curls.

"This group is created with the same hopes of promoting a culture of diversity and acceptance to different hair types. Letting Filipinos realize that straight hair isn't the only hair type found in the country. Encouraging people to take pride with being blessed of having natural waves, curls or coils."

Here is the link to the group:

4. Curlssential X Curlies


This community is built by Curlssential, an online shop by curls for curls, who also happen to be our partners!  With 2.4k members, this is a group made for all curlies who practice any routine, not just CGM.  

Here is the link to the group:


5. Curly Pinoys (Community for Curly Hair Guys in the Philippines)

This one is a group dedicated for our curly guys out there! With 253 members, this group was only created last 2020. 

"We created this group to motivate, educate and encourage our fellow Curly Guys to love their own natural hair."

You can join the group here:

6. Wavy Hair Community - Philippines

For our wavy pals out there, this group is made especially for you!

This group discusses mostly the WGM or Wavy Girl Method. The members discuss the methods they use for wavy hair. 

You can join the group here:

We hope this article helps you choose what community to join in! If you're a curl care beginner, you can browse through our blog page and find helpful tips and guide. 

Know any community we weren't able to list here? Share it with us in the comments!

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