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Which Christmas Bundle Are You? (2022 Predictions?!)

BONUS: Just for fun, here are our 2022 predictions if you got any of the following bundles!

Adventurer: You will meet new people who will help you explore the world. You will experience new things that will teach you life lessons. 


Confident: You will learn another thing about yourself. You will learn to unlearn negativities towards yourself. 

Inspired: You will keep being inspired BUT also you will inspire others around you. Someone’s life, whether in small or big ways, will change because of you.

Passionate: You will have breakthroughs in your career. All your hard work will be paid off. 

Brave: You will face bigger challenges as you grow, but you will survive them, just as how you survived this year. 

Dreamer:  The stars will be in your favor. Keep dreaming because 2022 will be a year when all the things you manifested will come to reality. 


Diva: You will earn your spot on a bigger stage, just keep doing what you do and never let anyone step on your fire. 



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