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Which Curly Hairstyle Suits You?

Before reading this, we want you to know that every face shape is wonderful and there’s nothing that should stop you from getting any hair look you want! 

In case you do want to find hairstyles that are suited to balance your look, here are some recommendations we have for different face shapes:



With an oblong shape, the goal is to minimize the look of long length and narrow features of the face. It’s best to avoid hairstyles that make faces appear even longer. 

Hairstyle to try: Layered in medium or long lengths with bangs (the bangs lessen the long look!)



With a square shape, the key is to make your look less “square-y” and appear more rounded or softer.

Hairstyle to try: Medium-length, bangs or rounded layers with volume at the upper part of your head



Diamond-shaped face can be highlighted by choosing hairstyles that create the illusion of width (i.e, not getting too much attention on the chin)

Hairstyle to try: Side-swept curly hair (this one makes your side part look wider than it actually is!)


Hairstyles suited for a round face are those that elongate its appearance! Make your look more flattering by not getting too much attention to your jawline. 

Hairstyle to try: Layer-packed lob where the lift at the roots help create the illusion of a longer face.



If you have a heart-shaped face,  you can find a style that flatters your cheekbones. Your main goal could also be adding width at the bottom in order to obtain balance.

Hairstyle to try: Pixie-cut or a bob cut.



If the face of your shape is a triangle, what you can do to enhance it is look for styles that will balance out your angular jaw and long features. Shorter hairstyles tend to look better because it doesn’t make the face appear longer. 

Hairstyle to try: Chin-length cut 


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