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Who is Ligaya?

Who is Ligaya


Ligaya is just like you. 

Like every empowered Filipina, she’s bold and confident. She isn’t afraid to show herself out there and let her curls free. She may be small but hey, her dreams are big! 

But she hasn’t always been this way.

Many of us know the pain of growing up not liking who we see in the mirror.  Ligaya’s story is no different. She grew up being teased and being clueless about how to manage her frizzy curls.

Since then, Ligaya had only thought of one solution: rebonding (war flashbacks 😖). 

For years, she felt that she’s only beautiful if she hid her natural hair, and she’d no longer be the “kulot, salot” that the kids sang in the streets.

But one time, she thought, “why am I doing this?” How long would she keep doing it? That’s when she got curious. What if for once, she let it grow out? 

The rest, they say, is history.


Ligaya and Happiness

Ligaya embodies happiness. 

As a Leo, most people think that she’s just vain. But there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself right? 

It took her a long time to be this confident. She now sees the world as a cup half-full, dogs became her spirit animal, and plants start to bring her to a state of pure zen. 

Ligaya now actively pursues things that bring joy. 

And she wants to make you feel the same way!

We hope you accept her invitation as your friend 💚 She’s very excited to bond with you! 


Follow her curl journey on our Instagram and Facebook pages @curlnationbyzen. You can also follow her Twitter account @Curls_Ligaya for curls tips, tricks, and even random chikahan (she’s very nice, promise!).

If you're wondering who designed Ligaya, check out our behind the scenes post where you'll meet our designer, Patti! 

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