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Recycling and Upcycling

We understand you're concerned about the plastic you (and we) all use. We are too.

Why can't we refill our old bottles?

At the moment, it is illegal by the laws of FDA for most companies to refill personal care products due to safety issues.  Please imagine how often you open and close those caps and pumps, expose the ingredients in a damp, wet environment like a shower. This is a setting that is an easy breeding ground for mould and bacteria growth. 

When we fill your bottles, everything is sanitised - from ingredient to bottle to the actual production site, and the gloved hands that touch and manage the production process. This is to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your product. Many companies, including ours, are appealing to FDA, however at the moment it is still not allowed to do so. Home care products such as Messy Messy, Human Nature Laundry and Hand Sanitizers are allowed to refill, as the laws for home care versus personal care are different. 

What can we do with used bottles and plastic? 

Wether ours or not, at the moment there are many private companies that help each home collect and upcycle your plastic and PET. You can fill your empty bottles with any clean plastic you use and donate it to The Plastic Solution as ecobricks. Green Antz Builders also collects these to reform as hollow blocks. Winder Recycling does the same and turns them into tables and chairs that are often donated to schools. The Plan is another company that collects and recycles plastic waste that turns these into building materials such as shelters, planks and more. Major SM locations have a Trash for Cash project that accepts PET bottles and others. Sesou stores also collect clean plastic and PET for upcycling. Check these companies social media pages for their collection points as they are all over key points in Metro Manila and around the Philippines as well.

Are you finding ways to reduce or remove the use of plastic in the future? 

As a company that is committed to nature, yes. We are always looking for more ways and more solutions, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on these as well.